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An element of truth - videos about science, education, and anything else I find interesting.


The History of Video
The History of Video23 päeva tagasi
Are Negative Ions Good For You?
Are Negative Ions Good For You?2 місяці tagasi
The Inverse Leidenfrost Effect
The Inverse Leidenfrost Effect2 місяці tagasi
Spinning Black Holes
Spinning Black Holes3 місяці tagasi
Non-Invasive Brain Surgery
Non-Invasive Brain Surgery4 місяці tagasi
Five Firsts for Mars InSight
Five Firsts for Mars InSight4 місяці tagasi
The kg is dead, long live the kg
The kg is dead, long live the kg5 місяців tagasi
What Actually Causes Dandruff?
What Actually Causes Dandruff?6 місяців tagasi
The Scientific Benefits of Boredom
The Scientific Benefits of Boredom6 місяців tagasi
This Toy Can Open Any Garage
This Toy Can Open Any Garage7 місяців tagasi
How UV Causes Cancer and Aging
How UV Causes Cancer and Aging7 місяців tagasi
Can You Overdose on Vitamins?
Can You Overdose on Vitamins?8 місяців tagasi
The World in UV
The World in UV9 місяців tagasi
Spinning Sphere of Molten Sodium
Spinning Sphere of Molten Sodium9 місяців tagasi
The Truth About Veritasium
The Truth About Veritasium10 місяців tagasi
World's First Car!
World's First Car!Aasta tagasi
ECLIPSE 2017Aasta tagasi
Fire in ZERO-G!!
Fire in ZERO-G!!Aasta tagasi
The Sun Sneeze Gene
The Sun Sneeze Gene2 aastat tagasi
The Bayesian Trap
The Bayesian Trap2 aastat tagasi
Water on the Moon?
Water on the Moon?2 aastat tagasi
What the Fahrenheit?!
What the Fahrenheit?!2 aastat tagasi
Welding in Space
Welding in Space2 aastat tagasi
The Illusion of Truth
The Illusion of Truth2 aastat tagasi
Stringless Yo-Yo!
Stringless Yo-Yo!2 aastat tagasi
The Speed of Life
The Speed of Life3 aastat tagasi
Is Glass a Liquid?
Is Glass a Liquid?3 aastat tagasi
Our Greatest Delusion
Our Greatest Delusion3 aastat tagasi
Ice Spikes Explained
Ice Spikes Explained3 aastat tagasi
Learned Helplessness
Learned Helplessness4 aastat tagasi