15 Year Old YAASHWIN SARAWANAN Is A HUMAN CALCULATOR! | Asia's Got Talent 2019 on AXN Asia

Avaldati 7 märts 2019
YAASHWIN SARAWANAN is a #HumanCalculator and he can do math faster than you can press your calculator. Don't believe it? Get your calculator ready and press along!
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  • What do you call a cow that is good at math? A COWculator. XD Help me.

  • Its so simple in india

  • His faster than matilda

  • Wtf man.....ur so genious and ur so osm and am stunned....

  • This guys actually not that impressive.

  • my fav thing is jay park just watching and not saying anything

  • Imagine he sits right next to you in the maths test

  • “I want to prove that math is fun to do” Me: **is procrastinating on doing my math homework watching this video**

  • I barely know how to multiply

  • I would pay this guy to do my math homeworks

  • “You don’t need a degree to be a calculator”

  • Why buy a calculator when you can transform into a calculator..

  • In exams any number multiplied by zero = 0, I have to type it to make sure it's correct. Damn. How come he is not in world guinnes I hate maths.tf

  • why tamilian accent

  • It's really not that hard when it's your hobby and you love doing it:)!

  • Who's my fellow Malaysians watching this now?

  • Well it’s so fucking obvious that he revised the final task and his accent is so annoying to listen too.

  • He sounds like a calculator

  • What’s his IQ? Is he smarter then William James Sidis?!

  • Beallent

  • Bro his classmates are so lucky

  • 2:07

  • Roses are red Violets are blue There is always an Asian Who is better than you

  • Awesome❤👌

  • Hi, I think you computer has a virus

  • is he from south india? his accent is quite similar with south indians..

  • Calculator : to make your math easier This kid : ( beat calculator) Calculator : am i a joke to you ?

  • Wtf

  • Yaashwin:Math is a fun n very easy thing to do Me:😲😅boi, clearly u haven't seen my undergrad Math texts. Moreover, has the abc conjecture proof been verified?😂 I think u get the idea (adv math is super abstract n complicated )

  • If he doesn’t win, I hope he gets a job in accounting.

  • ay

  • How is this 2+2 equal to 3 prove

  • Aunt Becky would like to hire you..

  • so amazed

  • Aunt Becky would like to hire you

  • Want his brain...i would like to borrow for the exams

  • But did he get a girlfriend tho?

  • Can't be compared with Dr.Jakir Nayek

  • Buddy Buddy

  • Yaashwin: I'm a human calculator Calculator: am i a joke to you?

  • India rocks 😍

  • Human calculater

  • Instead of im beginning to feel like a rap God rap God its im beginning to feel like a math God math god

  • I believe that this is a common technique in Asian countries called abacus, I learned abacus when I was in elementary school and we need to take tests every day. You have to calculate about forty questions in 3 minutes and it was intense. However, it is very beneficial for us when it comes to math questions. I'm not saying that this dude isn't good, he is really QUICK. Nevertheless, I feel that skilled teachers, such as mine can reach this speed of calculation, so it wasn't so amazing to me.

  • Big Shaq would prolly murder this

  • If a calculator can do what he does. Then how is he useful

  • Love you

  • Awesome

  • Nice english brotha

  • That guy has Indian gene

  • What if he's gay or doesn't want a girlfriend? So stupid

  • I need this guy in my company right now!!!

  • I can do much better calculation than him.

  • Amezing.

  • how you have done this we Indians are also best in math and i wanted this learn and loved this i know math is very easy

  • Awesome!!! 😍

  • Roses are red Violets are blue There's always an asian better than you.

  • I just now saw(after watching it): HE'S 15Y/O?!

  • 1+1 =2 Woooooooowww

  • He's from the show of Stanley's Superhuman 😊

  • Jay is me when I'm in math class Gotta say quiet

  • Actually ua nt sir lol

  • I thought he was from south india😅

  • indian boy..

  • It’s his glasses! There’s a screen that only he can see and someone is doing the calculations for him and relaying the answers in his glasses. I know because I have the same pair lol

  • More than 90% of people can do this in my class.. 5 years back.. from India.😁✌🏼

  • Is this the same guy that called me asking about my Microsoft computer I HAVE A MAC BOOK

  • Wow I wish I had a person like him then I shouldn't have done maths hw

  • I like it,,but but very ugly😁

  • Lebron, is that you?

  • Quater of indians can do that .. especially if one loves mathematics then it's nothing .. they can do better then this . He is just a example of those brilliant brains living in our country.

  • Sometimes, I don't even know how to solve 1×2

  • Outstanding and impressive

  • He can actually be smarter then Stephen Hawking

  • Who else didn't understand? 😂😂 What he did was really impressive 💓

  • Ohh sit

  • What do uh eat ?

  • Ok how the fuck did I stumble across this bullshit ass video.

  • The calculator could read the numbers to the ear piece he has

  • OMG!😮😮

  • Thats vedic maths.

  • Hahaha Asia thinks other countries care abt them

  • He is a math boy 👦

  • 🙏🇮🇳


  • Imagine Albert Einstein is still alive and watch this... He would be sooo proud

  • I want him to tell me math Answers for my exam OvO

  • That's a clever boy.

  • Actually that's pretty easy for any Indian...means he is a bit better then others...but in India u can find many others like him(of course he is Indian)

    • play boy with all due respect he is from malaysia not India and he was born in malaysia and grows up in malaysia and he learns his maths in malaysia not India so stop stereotyping him already and it’s rude.

  • How the hell does he do that?!! It’s like he’s a magician or mentalist!!

  • Love the way he say thank you!

  • If this doesn’t play into the Asians being most notably good at math Stereotype then I don’t know what does... lmao

  • The power Vedic Maths learn and become Human calculator

  • I would’ve had to get me a sheet of paper😭

  • Let this guy be next to me when doing math tests so I can cheat off of him.

  • I think this guy called to fix my computer once

  • Hes a human calculator,,, translation in to HUMAN BOMB LIKE IN 6 years

  • I know this guy. He never stops calling me about my expired car insurance.

    • DwayneHicks426 keep your lame jokes to yourself.

  • 649+58367439+538573984+538586+68295+62+684929+891245= Idgaf

  • The old guy judge looks like a Who who had sex with the Grinch