A Robot That Picks Tomatoes Out of Your Salad

Avaldati 6 märts 2019
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Pretend I'm not completely losing my mind and look at this robot I built. Tomatoes are yucky, cruel jokes played by god on humanity, it picks tomatoes out of salad with a big metal spike.
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burbank - sorry i like you
S U B W A Y S - アイスクリーム
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  • I think this kid always got the bad tomatos when he has young.. I love these red flavor bombs, theyre sweet and delicious.

  • if you leave the video when the code part comes ding sing will tie you up and feed you tiny tomatoes

  • Make a robot using airgun that shoots when pointed at the hunt

  • I shall buy that I hate red slime

  • This was probably Albert Einstein’s personality

  • **Inserts green tomatoes**

  • if there is a taste i never tasted when eating tomatoes it's fucking bitter! what is wrong with your tongue/brain? they can taste sour, sweet, fruity but not fucking bitter what the hell? also they r one of the most awesome vegetables existing... u should consider killing yourself, just saying

  • How about you just fucking eat them

  • You could build a wireless tesla coil speaker which produces lights bulbs wirelessly, charges wireless charging compatible phones and makes music/sound with plasma arks , then connect it with your modified alexa

  • Omg its actually frodo!

  • BiG MeTaL PiStOn SpIkE

  • mee too man. I too despise tomatoes.

  • an easy and fast solution: stop eating salad, you vegan pIECE OF SHIT

  • Tomatoes are delicious.

  • make another goddamn c# tutorial you lazy shit

  • Michael where did you learn to code I want to learn how to do all this cool stuff. I know how to use electronics but I hate to code so I have been putting it off and I am limited to what I can do.

  • I’ll take 20 of them.

  • robot that subscribes people to pewdiepie

  • Tomatoes are gross, Monster energy drink is good? What the fk is your problem, mannnnn?

  • Tomatillos

  • Noel and Cody would love you

  • You should paint your nails a nice shade of maroon and try this again. I just feel red nails would have made this video prettier 💅

  • Jerk off robot

  • Hey Morty when is Rick coming back it seems like you need a better budget to make more terrible technological advances

  • I'm 14, and my mom hasn't vaccinated me yet. Hopefully she doesn't sue me if I get a flu shot.

  • Though you forgot that the metal spike might shatter the bowl..

  • Just don’t eat rabbit food man

  • YES

  • Wow very impressive you could even make a time machine in the future

  • *i’m 12 year old and fucking smart*

  • Tomatoes is good tho



  • can u please make a robot thats cool and gives me a will to live or that can find me one?

  • Attach this to the killer drones voiced by trigger me elmo

  • Fuck you Michael I can't buy Francis of the Filth in my country

  • In what sdk you made the api for detecting red spots?

  • 3:26 are we just going to ignore that the program is called "Cum"?

  • Make a haircuting robot

  • Proud of you; are you okay Join here: youtu.be/join/ct-MRJ5jNSS4DA let’s talk.

  • Can it pick the bad comments out of your comment section?

  • I just found out something really creepy Michael you look exactly like Sean Lennon and it's creepy because you sound like him too

  • Hey michael, can you fucking make some more coding tutorials? I'm a content hungry gremlin and i dont want to learn on bullshit tutorials that are like sticking your dick in a golf club scrubber to watch. plz make more its 2 am and im on my 5th moster. i was you before i was me

  • You should try making a small shock security system, remake on but better and sell it to a wealthy person. Idk IF this is a good idea. Even if you don't see this, something you should tell the owner is to get you to make a code because they are most likely a lazy piece of shi

  • Build a motherfucking sentient balloon.

  • Them god d@mn Tomatoes am I right I mean not even fortnite [if it had some sorta tomato based skin ;)] couldn't compete with this much destruction of tomatos.....and salads... YOURS TRULY A lonely hater who needs a girlfriend :|

  • You should build a robot that makes drinks this is not a joke though

  • Hey guys look, its dwight junior!

  • 8:10 What wouldn't help? The rice cooker or the fact your Filipino?

  • Fucking yucky guys Fucking yucky

  • Make a robot that picks your nose

  • 3:33 program is called cum lmfao

  • You look like that dude from hot tub time machine

  • Hey since you're good with this stuff maybe you should build a *robot*

  • FUCK tomatoes

  • Build a winnable claw machine

  • You can take my tomato too

  • Make a drone that shoots EE-tv buddies

  • Tomatoes are delicious. You're insane. That being said I love your videos, just change that machine to remove onions and I'll buy it.

  • Michael Reeves and Elon Musk co-op video when?

  • Make a robot that when your roommates annoy you just stick in a hard drive and take every last bit of the cpu 🤖😈

  • Make a robot that praises the ideas of other trash robots when you call them stupid.

  • What if you have pimples then put you head under the spike?

  • Make a robot that puts chips in your mouth and it u put this on a of 2 of bad ideas then that fine

  • JonTron has a child?

  • Whys this dude look like he's tryna get a kiss of ICarley

  • Make a robot that buys subs for you...and give it to me

  • ight how old is this kid

  • someone should get elon musk to watch this

  • You should make a robot that make robots for you Good luck with this P.S kill me now

  • This could be very helpful

  • I want that background b.

  • EE-tv finally put a somewhat decent video in my recommended

  • 200 IQ

  • If Elon Musk is the real world equivalent of Tony Stark Michael Reeves is the real world Peter Parker

  • I think he loves tomatos

  • make a robot that tells u creepy stories it searches for on the internet

  • make a robot that tells u creepy stories it searches for on the internet

  • make a robot that tells u creepy stories it searches for on the internet

  • make a flash light that uses sparks ok electricity instead of led light

  • make a flash light that uses sparks ok electricity instead of led light

  • make a flash light that uses sparks ok electricity instead of led light

  • That Francis Of The Filth book though... R.I.P. Papa Franku

  • A robot that slaps or electrocutes your nuts whenever you have a dirty thought

  • guys, 1.5 million subscribers and doesn't even have an upload schedule. mICHAEL IS dAD.

  • There’s a penis on the 3D printer


  • dude i fucking hate tomatoes too

  • There’s also something called a hand

  • Epic

  • didnt know that you knew joji and every song in your intro is what i listen to lol

  • I'll take your entire stock!!! I hate tomatoes too

  • I look like a non-binary lesbian

  • monster sponsor

  • Make a robot that notifies you when someone hits the doorbell

  • A gun/cannon, I don't care your choice (your fucking channel), that shoots ding dings.... And yes make it hurt.

  • 4.51 im crying

  • Make your own emp

  • Francis of the Filth, that's some good literature right there.

  • I’ve only seen you with William Osman. You are not William Osman. I am very much subbed.