Are Dolphins OP? | The Whale Tier List

Avaldati 13 märts 2019
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Cetaceans are some of the most uniquely powerful builds in the history of the game, with some abilities even humans envy.
Dolphin Echolocation:
Dolphin vs Shark:
Boto Dolphin:
Also Boto Dolphin:
CGI Whale Vs Giant Squid:
Orca Throws Seal:
Orca Baits Bird:


  • This channel is precious

  • Do scorpion tier list

  • True tier zoo fans will know that in the thumbnail to his video "are all amphibians low tier?" He had put sperm whales in c tier so why the change now?????????

  • In the Cenozoic update there was the Liyviathan Melvilli and was better than the Megalodon so I'm guessing it was either S tier or S+

  • Heyo tierzoo, how about a plant tierlist?

  • Could you do a teir list for eusocial insects?

  • having a crazy strong upthrow and playing on the stage farthest from the top blast zone is some serious disrespect.

  • PLEASE do an open sea fish tier list :)

  • who would win a gorilla or a bear

  • Islands

  • Are beatles OP?

  • What would you do for mythological creatures, like if the devs had put in a server for myths?

  • Do t hate the big Bois. Shrimp is delicious.

  • Im tryna multiclass

  • This is so interesting and really useful but presented in such an easy manner. Why not offer it to schools? Kids would love it and learn something useful.

  • 2:21 lol

  • Y u no rank porpoises? Also, guess the Pokémon developers knew their stuff making the resident aquatic uber an orca.

  • i Acidify the ocean the other day lol classic prank

  • Legit waiting for a game based off these stats to come out

  • Could you make a tutorial on the eusocial playstyle? I don't get how a single player can handle more than one avatar...

  • Idea for a video: are cockroaches OP?

  • Another great post! I have a request/suggestion; how about a list of the top builds for each metric? Thus, a top 10 intelligence builds, top 10 power builds, top 10 stealth builds, etc. Have you already done something like that? I recall something similar, but not exactly that.

  • i would love to see a video on the koala class. theyre the only allowed class that ive seen fall into x class. their only useful ability is poison immunity, which renders them poisonous to any predator. other than this, they are laughable inept at surviving.

  • why does the dolphin sonar sound strangely like those monsters from a quiet place?

  • This channel is a god send

  • This is my favorite class by far Love your videos man, i watched all of them multiple times

  • If all life is fair game I wonder what somebody playing as that big Oregan Honeymushroom experiences.

  • 7:26 Dam that's a seal!!!

  • 4:02 Did you just say Humpback Whales are braindead? Look up bubble-net feeding, it's a really cool and smart way that humpbacks herd fish into tight groups using motion and sound.

  • F for the Baiji mains out there... You will be missed

  • If I can describe orca mains with one word it would be "cheaters"

  • Can you do a video on the oar fish

  • Do a tier list of bacteria and archeans!

  • PLEASE do a Galapagos Tier List similar to the Australia one

  • Can you do ant tier list?

  • Some Dolphins team up with humans to catch lesser fish

  • Saina doktor

  • Very well done

  • So we just going to ignore the video of the running octopus? Alright...


  • Pretty sure dolphins are never going to build a website. Even with Wix.

  • Whar is the stl builds?

  • I just finished binge watching all of your videos and I have to say your channel is one of the most entertaining and educational out there. Keep up the good work

  • Baleens are just nice AFKable builds. Them griefing some of the smallest players may not feel entirely justified, but i'd like to remind you that it's very remeniscent of how the 80 highest human players on the leaderboard have a combined score equal to the 2 billion lowest scoring players. Exploiting the classes below you in score is happening *within the same builds*

  • Can you make a episode that shows all of what humans can do? I think we maxed out every stat if you do..

  • I don't really like the progress I've made in this game so far, how do I reset?

  • Ok, this is epic!

  • I am a dolphin and I have found wix to be flipper inaccessible.

  • is an attack of 5 lions on a single buffalo more unfair than a 1 blue whale eating 10,000 shrimps ??? I think that They are both equaly unfair

  • Ehi, I wanted to ask: What if you put a "new" Stat in your schedule? I am talking about proliferation. In fact, a lot of species couldn't exist if only based on their stats, but a lot of low-class animals like frogs and rats can "respown" really easly and be able to replace dead units really easily, instead humans need much more time to be fully preparated Hope this is usefull for you (for any grammatical error, I'm Italian)

  • Pls talk about tasmanian devils

  • *_what if this was a leaked shannel from outside the simulation_*

  • Flightless birds?

  • do a video on the ant tier list

  • A tier is the definition of

  • What do you think about Saimaa's Ringed Seal?

  • The city meta

  • S tier is just fine with me and my friends


  • 12/10 sponsor integration

  • When are we getting the aliens DLC? (I heard it was coming in 2020 but not sure)

  • echolocate = e-chocolate

  • OP? Nah... Easily die when they fall into swimming pool~

  • TierZoo , Do a bat Tier list.

  • contrary to your video, no evidence suggests that the bottlenose is more intelligent than the orca. most points to the contrary. fun fact, orcas can actually teach themselves to speak dolphin. fuckin bilingual whales mate.

  • There were no known attacks on humans by Orcas, because there were NO SURVIVORS TO TELL THE TALE.

  • Can we make this into a legitimate game please? Any game makers out there pls do.

  • i use orca, japanese giant hornet, and spitting cobra a lot, but i decided to try human and so far i'm doing pretty well. picking up the autism trait was a mistake though...

  • *Sees video title and thumbnail* Wut?

  • can you make a video of animals with max stats

  • If only conservatives could be as smooth as that ad transition...

  • Do a video on my personal main other than the Human main! The other main I am talking about is the *giant squid.* My personal favorite main. I always kill Orca players with my giant squid main!

  • Crocodilian Tier List?

  • idk how interested everyone is in marine mammalogy, but this video is a great cross over of that and video games that make it fun and simple to understand cetaceans

  • That ad transition was flawless. Kudos! :D

  • Baleen whales also eat fish. They don't need teeth, they can just swallow large numbers of them in one gulp (maybe only some kinds can do this, but some of them certainly can and do). The Baleen still helps, as it allows them to separate the fish from all of the water after they close their jaws. Also, Orcas are just another type of dolphin.

  • Damn you and your smooth ad-transitions!!

  • Gang orca from my hero academia would disagree about being 2nd tier

  • Do a bully humans build.

  • Love the death sound added to ur videos from ssmb

  • I would argue that porpoises are low-tier cetaceans; they are small, slow swimmers and had to drastically reduce their ability for echo location because orcas can actually backtrack it to the porpoises when hunting for them.

  • What is that outro though?

  • I'm pretty sure Pilot Whales are more intelligent than dolphins, considering they have the *most neocortex neurons* of any animal in existence (humans are number 2).


  • Forgot to mention that dolphins have dual core processors

  • wooooo dolphins

  • Micro weight class was so small I tried to blow it off my phone thinking it was a speck..

  • Great video! Informative and fun.

  • Hey Tierzoo can you make a video about characters that have maxed out one of the base stats?

  • (Playing as Seal main) *Orca Pod appears* "I have made poor choices."

  • Bovine tier list? Or pig tier list?

  • Russians are the highest sub-tier of the already overpowered humans

  • U could do a theory video on how well dragons would perform if actually in the game (or other mythical creatures) and maybe explain the different types of dragons 😍 I luv the concept of this series and as a game designer myself I think this as an actual game could be epic 😁😁

  • 「insert JoJo reference here」

  • I Think the baleen whales has the right idea. Growing too big to be grieved by any predator while evolving to feed on the most numerous animal at sea is a winning strategy to ensure continuity of the build. Baleen whales may be among the last to go extinct

  • 7:42 Me on the left with my team. Thats was good day my lads.

  • Please do a video about space server!

  • Ant tier list ???

  • Dolphins are fish, not mammals - completely different species. The problem with putting more effort into sounding authoritative than being accurate is; you reveal that you are an idiot.

  • Make a video about parrots. Or alternatively, if humans disappeared, which animals would be able to develop a society.