Baking My Boyfriend A Birthday Cake

Avaldati 11 apr 2019
Here's the link to the recipe I used:
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  • Before this video, an ad about baking cane out. No more need to be said.

  • Okay but the thing about your content is that it's growing up WITH me. When I was a teenager o loved your weird mid-2000s videos and now that I'm older I like your videos about plants and dogs and cooking except that you're funny so it's all still entertaining lol

  • Please watch this on Netflix. I think you and Julien would have fun!!

  • jenna: you’re already stressing me out julien: i am literally standing completely still

  • i just turned 32 earlier this month (ARIES SEASON) and i am saying "i'm a 32 year old lady" as often as possible

  • @rosannopansino

  • “happy birthday paper towel” 😂😂 lmao Julien is something else 😂

  • 11:16-11:18 did anyone else notice how Jenna is slowly but surely becoming Linda from Bob’s Burgers

  • I love you mom and dad!!

  • Wait....Julien is less than two years older than me. I think I'm having some sort of crisis. AH. Send help.

  • ok this might just be me but did julien forget the i in his name when he wrote it on the cake in cursive? edit: nvm lol i just found someone else pointing that out sorry guys

  • MY BIRTHDAY APRIL 17th beeeccchhhh!!!!

  • 3:23 juLIEN *NO*

  • Loved this video! Sooo much love between you two! You guys did great making your first cake together! Made with love!! If your icing is ever too thin, you can add 1-2 teaspoons of cornstarch, or add some more confectioners sugar little by little! Or if you want to be lazy, you can heat it just a little and do a glaze! Happy Birthday Mr.J!!

  • Are they dating I’m getting mixed vibes?

  • My birthday is also April 17th

  • Мой день рождения тоже 17 апреля

  • Dying 🤣

  • the "hair" was actually an air bubble from the glass molding under and wrong consistancy

  • Get Jenna a bunny

  • I can’t believe that you are 32 you look like 24

  • I love you guys so much, you are the actual reason on why I live.

  • Cake looks amazing! Just a little word of advice, if you put the cake in the fridge or freezer once you've done the white layer of icing it'll set quicker and the coloured icing won't slide xx

  • Oh wow friendship goals

  • "I wrecked it!"

  • Lol Julian is a catcher and I'm a pitcher ...T...M...I.... 😘

  • These guys are so cute I want to throw up

  • Hey my birthday was on the 16th

  • I luv u

  • Chill the cake in the refrigerator before decorating it.

  • Jenna for next time, if your icing is too thin add more icing sugar to thicken it, and when you put the icing in the bags put the icing tip in first so that you don’t have to hold it, and make sure you don’t cut the hole to big, I personally put the tip in and then cut the bag. Just helpful tips for your next wife baking attempt. 😋

  • I wonder who dislikes her videoes, Jenna is so pure

  • 7:15 😂

  • what are we gonna do when she turns 33.... 33 year old ladyyyy just doesn’t hit the same

  • God, this planet needs some kind of catastrophe to purge people like this.

    • Joe Cassara is this a threat, hate comment, or compliment?

  • Someone get her a cake spatula 😂

  • Two words: Crumb coat. Then you let it firm up and put the rest of your icing on. :)

  • *gives extra specific measurement of a tablespoon and a half* Julien- it's okay if I do more though, right? NO!!! 😂😂😂😂

  • Lol I would’ve totally said the same thing about the spiral -gonzoogles husband

  • I'm a taurus please fucking stop

  • they make me smile

  • Does anyone know Jenna’s Pinterest


  • Omg wait Jenna’s older then Julian 🤭🤭

  • "Cut and delete that off the internet forever! " *leaves it in lol

  • "ask me for the sugar" *kiss kiss kiss 😂 "It's a good thing I'm not mic'd or this would be really annoying for all of you" 😂

  • It was very satisfying that you were perfectly centered at the beginning of this video.

    • Also you are the same age difference as my boyfriend and I except he's Jenna's age and I'm Julien's age and I act just like Julien when I cook and it drives him crazy. He tells me to get out of the kitchen all the time and I just go "OK you got this! Byeeeee" lol and then he cooks everything for me muahahaha

  • Omg people are spelling julien’s name wrong, Julian, Julian

  • I am a 30 year old lady and I am most definitely on track to become a Jenna-esque 32 year old lady but with less money and two less dogs, even though my dog is the size of six dogs, can’t wait to do 32 year old lady stuff

  • Sorry I’m new here: they’re not a couple???

    • Okay thanks!

    • Oh no they are... Just best friends lol they're just the best kind of couple.

  • Welcome to Taurus season.

  • happy _late_ birthday julen!

  • Don't underestimate the ability of a butt turning on a stove lmao done that while drunk and burn some of my hair off

  • the couple flossing at the end was my absolute favorite and made me cry laughing. this was so adorable and watching you two always makes me happy. thank you!

  • Julien and i have the same birthday! I’m so honored! Happy Aries season 😘

  • You needed more sugar.


  • My mom is also 8 years older than my dad...but Jenna, my mom is 42 now with the youngest child at 7 yo! JENNA YOU NEED A CHILD!!!!

  • Me and Julian have the same birthday month

  • De pronto un comentario en español

  • The frosting didnt work because your supposed to put the tip inside the bag and then put the frosting 😂😂

  • julen: “jenna and i are just friends” me: 16:59

  • Who else can’t wait for them procreate or marry 🙋🏻‍♀️ they’re so perfect for each other


  • My baby nephew’s has the same birthday he turned one this year 😃 happy birthday Julien and my baby nephew Maverick

  • 16:36 *Coachella* hosted by Julen and a 32 year old lady

  • the last two minutes brought me such joy

  • I still don’t know what their relationship is


  • Wonder why they aren't married...

  • i just stuck a jelly bean up my nose and my mom and said you get to eat it, she doupted me. i ate the jelly bean

  • Birthday cakes for the dogs! Birthday months comin up!! 😍🎂

  • It was the leaning tower of JULIENAHH

  • Emmm, excuse me miss, but you misspelt 'friend' in the title. It's spelt f-r-i-e-n-d and not b-o-y-f-r-i-e-n-d. Thanks.

  • Why is julien always breathing so heavily

  • Is your show supposed to be a comedy and are you trying to look like a clown funny by drawing those ridiculous eyebrows and the most stupid looking fake eyelashes

  • 17:02 - 17:16 you can see how jenna doesn’t understand how she bears julien

  • Julen

  • Birthday twins 😂💕 Ariees season ♈️

  • Angel food ? 😂

  • julien is the literal embodiment of a child man baby and jenna is a annoyed mom

  • 오와우

  • This one is especially good

  • I am guessing you'd like to know this about sugar & didn't as I saw the CW bag.

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  • Susan chef 🤣🤣🤣 "sous chef" is what you're searching for. Hahaha

  • this video had no intro!

  • yEP thATs aN AriEs

  • For your first time icing a cake, you did a hella good job. It is a finicky bitch to get icing the right piping consistency, so give yourself a pat on the back, and watch some Nailed It, you'll feel much better about your skills lol

  • The older Jenna gets the prettier she gets and Julian ofc!

  • Julien is a certified idiot..

  • Friendship goals (Happy BiRTHDAY Julien)

  • My birthday was the 15th

  • I didn’t know he was only 27

  • 9:10 can you turn a cr4ck rock into a mountain? Lol 'A Milli' reference

  • when julian told the thing on the stove to shut up i literally died

  • All of my birthdays 4:02

  • What? How is Julien 27 (one year younger than I)? I thought he was like 34-ish. Or maybe I just look too childish


  • the gluten free ad uwu