Avaldati 31 märts 2019
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Stream “Congratulations”:
Music & Lyrics: David Paul Brown
Music & Lyrics: Joel Gustaf “Roomie” Berghult
Music & Lyrics: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg
Filmed & edited by
Mixed by Eric Johansson at
Beat production by Apollo V
Beat modification & vocal production by Joel Gustaf “Roomie” Berghult
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  • 😭i want pewdipai won

  • I hope you win :)

  • *I accidently broke the bathroom door for the last Brofist*

  • Go go you turn youtube

  • First to have 100 million subs wins! You can do it pewds!

  • Lets get this song to 100 million!

  • Who ever likes t series is t gie and whoever is still mad a pew die pie for all of that controversy years ago is stupid because guess what that stuff that went down with Logan Paul he was hated for a little but then nothing happened (I am not mad at Logan Paul btw he apologized to everyone who needed it and I respect him doing that) but pewdiepie also apologized T - 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  • Soy el unico hispano :v?

  • Salam dari indonesia❤️

  • The brofist at the end made me cry

  • You better not end up like pink guy pewds you turn in a rapper I would still listen to your music but still

  • Pewdiepie: I’m the biggest channel you can’t catch up t-series T-series: hold my beer real quick.

  • Can i get an f in the chat

  • It's over, we have lost

  • It would be better without boyinaband

  • Is anyone else hearing the dog barking between versus? Lol



  • Soy yo o el título está en español?


  • T series is crying watching this right now

  • Who would you rather meet in real life? Pewdiepie= Like T Series= Comment

  • P

  • *Video gets over 90M views* *EE-tv trending:* _Y’all hear sumn?_

  • *_Congrats to T-series for selling pirated songs_*

  • Greatest Of All Time Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg PewDiePie 👊 ❤

  • He protecc He attacc But most importantly *Our Number 1 is bacc*

  • Pewdiepie: here’s one last brofist from the number one in the world... I actually started crying when I heard that

  • 288k Indians disliked this video

  • i've watched this video so many times.

  • This is the most cringe thing I’ve ever seen on EE-tv 🤦🏾‍♂️💯

  • “Congratulations to me when I get 1000 subs lol”

  • Eat My Swedish Meat Balls.

  • Para siempre sera el numero. 1

  • Indian Court banning Congratulations in India *exists* VPN: *I'm about to end the court's entire carrer*

  • Пс... Русские есть?

  • Pewds your losing no!!

  • Congratulations: GETS 90M VIEWS IN 3 WEEKS!!! T-series:nani??

  • That filipino caption doe

  • CZ INDIA 1,3 BILION population wkwkwkwk

  • Omg T series Making 1Milliom Bot Accounts A Week!

  • Im From Indonesia Im Support You PewDiePie

  • The song is fake

  • So who won excatly?

  • That last bro fist man. I’ve been watching since 1mil. Dude, I love ya Felix.

  • Never mind the poor people is that seriously what he said i now hate you

  • Y'll LIT

  • The end Mr beast clapping!!!

  • Like si piew die pie debe de hacer un canal de música 👍

  • You know what I Just noticed pewdiepie is the most subscribed channel but not views bts is the one who has the most views channel it’s either 100Million or more views!

  • T-series is shaking

  • I still like pewdiepie better 😒

  • R.I.P😥

  • Where’s my beast ?????,

  • my sister was going in same class ass you Felix in 7,8,9 class, wish that was me..


  • Indian Court: Bans Congratulations and Bitch Lasagna VPN: Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

  • ***Jake Paul*** 5 mill in 6 months ** PewDiePie fans** 30 mill in 3 months

  • *Let’s get this to 100M Views!*

  • 0:08 don’t tell me that’s who I think it is.

  • PewDiePie : 90+ mil views in three weeks! EE-tv : Look at this epic fortnite video!

  • Oof , T series has 1M more oopsie doopsies

  • mission failed we'll get em next time or never...

  • It’s funny because it’s relevant now

  • LOVE💞

  • i cried during the brofist scene

  • They're back on top...

  • congratulations 6.3m likes lol

  • Bangladesh

  • Nothing like under age drinking

  • Let's Hit 100 Millions Viewer And 1 Millions Coment :)

  • Alguien entiende esto,???

  • Subscribe to PewDiePie *cough* unsubscribe *cough* to t series *cough* I need some coughing medicine

  • I like it

  • Do subs T series

  • After I subscribed in every device I had... I still feel proud of pewdiepie : ps is nobody going to talk about Mr beast in the end of the video

  • Bich lasanga


  • 1 like = how many people like pewdiepie

  • This will be seen as end of the greatest era of EE-tv with the fall of individual creators. This video marks the end of the Wild West of EE-tv

  • 0:25 thats the best dog actor there will ever be. he has such emotion as he acts.

  • Can I get likes I mean there so many stolen comments that get like 1.k likes Plz help ._.

  • Cringe

  • hey 288000 t series fans, were trying to appreciate you, not insult you at all.

  • Piwdipie wins

  • Ayuden a Hola soy german

  • Cool song

  • Congratulations for T series for being on top 1 on yt butttt pewdiepie is in the top of heart

  • People: PewDiePie must be super mad, T-Series has more subs. Félix: Hold my Beer

  • Those 288k likes are probably from Indians, specially T-Suck

  • I cri

  • *_It was an honor fighting by your side_*

  • 0:00 replay button, you'll need it a lot

  • Thiz song is so catchy!

  • Omg

  • I was surprised anybody else I mean after that diss track... Keep going pewdipie you are doing great

  • T series: (wins) Pewdiepie: (releases song) “I’m about to end this mans whole career “

  • No dime qué no es cierto :'c

  • damn delix, good job you called them out big time ffs they got roasted before ffs he went down i mean holy shit wont stop listening

  • vänta vänta ... hur händer det här men jag älskar fortfarande pewdiepie