Doctor Reacts to: CRAZY MEDICAL MEMES EP. 4

Avaldati 10 märts 2019
Medical memes are a great way to get a laugh whether or not you are part of the medical community. I think that they are incredibly relatable as you can catch the humor even as a patient. I will say that some of the memes can be dark and if taken out of context can even seem offensive BUT we need to understand that this is medical satire. Being able to laugh at ourselves and our troubles is a healthy habit to practice.
I really enjoy reacting to these memes and I know that there are millions more out there that are as funny. Please if you enjoy this series let me know by liking, commenting, and sharing this video with your friends/family. If I see that you enjoyed it I will put out another post on my IG to send me the best doctor memes and nursing memes so that we can all share a laugh.
As they say, laughter is the best medicine, so let's laugh away together!
If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Medical Drama Review Series in a couple of weeks so please submit more names of shows/episodes you'd like for me to watch. Love you all!
- Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • There's a saying within the rare disease community that goes as such: Doctor: Please don't confuse your Google search with my medical degree. Patient: Please don't confuse my X years of lived experience with your 1 hour lecture on my condition. (Obviously doesn't apply to specialists, is more for GPs, A&E docs and others that often haven't even heard of many rare conditions.)

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  • When I was a freshman and sophomore in high school, I got great grades and science came to me easy. My goal in life was to be a doctor. Then towards the end of sophomore year I became epileptic without knowing. My second semester math scores decreased, and I was missing lessons due to small seizures that weren't noticeable. I was still getting great science and anatomy grades, but that and English were my only consistently good (or decent) grades. I went from an almost all A student to a C and sometimes D student. I pulled my grades up in my senior year to B's and some A's, but what medical school would want an applicant who, for the most part, had decent at best grades for an entire year. That and my step-father telling me no one wants to see a doctor who got C's made me lose faith in my dream. I'm 23 now, but I always wonder what if I still, despite everything, applied to a medical school, what my life would be like. Unfortunately I'll never know.



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