Game Theory: How to WIN the Mr Beast $100,000 Challenge!

Avaldati 14 apr 2019
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MrBeast is best known for donating and/or giving away a LOT of money - sometimes as part of some crazy challenge. In one video, MrBeast gave his friends $100,000 to spend in ONE HOUR. They all spent the money in a different way - some smart, some more... extravagant. Now, you can't blame someone for wanting to buy a lamborghini when you hand them the cash to do it, but this challenge really made me wonder about something. What is the best, most profitable way to spend $100k in one hour? How can you "win" this challenge and possibly even come out ahead of the game? Well Theorists, start taking notes in case you ever find yourself pulled into one of MrBeast's crazy schemes because I'm going to teach you how to beat the Beast at his game!
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Writers: Stephanie Patrick
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Josh Langman, Tyler Mascola, and Marc Schneider
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • Unless the bank you have an IRA with spends your money. Then it’s gone

  • Gold. bars to be exact

  • I'm from North Carolina! I'm... _still_ in North Carolina...

  • Just buy gold why do so many not? Or buy one item than return it You don't even have to keep the gold bars just sell it quickly.. probably best just to keep it since gold is better to keep than any currency

  • You could buy a Tesla

  • I know things that you actually need

  • I bought Beanie Babys because they were soft.

  • hey i though it was mrbeast video dude 😂

  • Not even a game theory why not make a life theory channel

  • 1: Gets 1 hour to spend $100,000. 2: 48 seconds later pays off student loans 3: Walks down to 7-11 and buys a 12 oz can of soda and a cellophane wrapper of sixlets with the remaining money. 4: Challenge completed in under 10 minutes.

  • When I was in High school, my business teacher gave us a similar prompt as a final project. The specs were the same, except that the sum of money was a tad larger, and we had to make a Excel sheet spending that EXACT AMOUNT. I think she made it a smidge easier on us by telling us not to worry about the sales tax, yet I don't remember. Anyway while I don't remember what I put on my Excel sheet, I do remember the agony of trying to make the math work so that it didn't go over the limit. I'm pretty sure this project was supposed to show us how to either wisely spend money in the business field or how Microsoft Excel can automatically calculate the cost of things in your spreadsheet. I'm rambling, yet my point is that I understand the pain Matpat felt in his opening joke a little too well.

  • I haven't gotten to sale's text's!!!!!

  • literally i thought that mat pat was going with the give it all to charity and revel in the tax deductions and good feels... Lol

  • 13:10 I just saved you 20 minutes

  • Oh… I was going to say gift cards stock up on them gift cards!!

  • awww i'm kinda sad i thought it was gonna be war bonds

  • I'm very poor so there ain't much I'd want. A used car, a new auto tool kit, a new gaming PC, a drum set, a keyboard, a bed and that's about all I really want

  • I’m subbed to Mr. beast

  • gets 1 hour to spend $100,000 Spends it all on shoes Gotta get them J's

  • This is awesome!

  • Shoes. Nike’s and Jordan’s

  • I will literally buy a vr oculus rift full set and a body tracking set and like clothes and 50 candy bars

  • 100,000 dollars worth of dvd copies of shrek 2

  • How is this a GAME THEORY

  • But wouldn’t you stand infront of the same problem again after becoming 60. (not knowing what to spend on)

  • how to win. put it in the bank.

  • ill just call my dealer and get 100 000$ of dope in 30

  • Ithink I'm thinking of a different IRA cough cough *the troubles* cough cough *car bombs* cough

  • Just buy a monster pc lmao

  • You could buy cryptocurrency with it and then invest in miner websites.

  • What about a launchpad and abelton live

  • I legitimately thought that this was just 1 giant Diet Coke joke.

  • Did you know that Mr Beast is from North Carolina?

  • If I had $100,000 I would buy a pet dog. What would you do if you have that much money?

  • Giving the Irish Republican Army 100k could've used that 40 years ago mat

  • just buy gold

  • Make a theory about the identity of h20 delirious

  • bring back matpat with the podium

  • Theory : How to make 100k in one hour


  • the way to win is spend it on things YOU own then you get you're money back AND whatever you sold to you're self back, THAT'S how you win HA...

  • Im gonna buybtons of air soft

  • how to win? weeeeeeed hahahaha

  • What about buying gift cards (like Visa Cards)

  • what if you die before reaching 60 years old.

  • Jonny

  • How to win Rip the money

  • Sports gambling. If you can pick a likely winning team, it might pay 40% ROI in a few hours Like I did, with the Patriots playing the Dolphins.

  • Go to a store that doesnt charge tax on gift cards, get 1000 100$ prepaid gift cards. now you can spend the money on whatever you want with no time limit.

  • Dude. Taxes for Mr Beast must have sucked

  • What about food

  • Did u know not just MrBeast is from NC, im from NC! :D (Best state in the USA)

  • Or you set up a go-fund-me page or a kickstarter for 100,000$ to you and donate, thus technically spending the money and keeping it for yourself to use without a time constraint. I guess one could also do what they did and spend it all on fleeting material goods, but keeping in mind that those items shouldn't be bought to be sold.

  • *ok, how much is Coke paying him*

  • My idea is just to buy the certain things that I want first, then donate the rest to a charity.

    • Or even just hand the entire thing to either one charity or multiple charities.

  • Or you groceries.

  • *wut about bitcoin*

  • They just get better!!! The videos are awesome!!

  • Wtf you can't just put $100k into an IRA, it has a max annual contribution of like $5k. Also, receiving an income of $100k would put you over the contribution limit. Better idea, go by a treasury bond.

  • i would buy amiibo and vbucks and games the life of a gamer :|

  • Heh in theory i see whatch you did there

  • Let’s be real, someone hands me a couple thousand bucks, front orchestra Hamilton tickets.

  • Camaro

  • You should putt this on live theory...i guess its a game soooooo..............ncm

  • Or just buy food....... or give it to the homeless.....

  • I like that he put the diamond incrusted grill on the grill of the jag.

  • I'm from north Carolina

  • How to win millions of dollars in just 1 year? *Be friends with MrBeast*

  • Waluigi: Now ive got 100K i can pay Nintendo so i can be in smash. (A few moments later) Nintendo: we have great news(Waluigi is happy)your an assist trophy Waluigi: (triggered) ffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Nintendo: demonetizatio... i mean monetization.

  • Jacob Peralta

  • Why is this not on film theory?

  • Id still buy my mom a car

  • I am from nc

  • Can't we buy a bunch of stuff then return it? After the hour

  • Why not transfer it into foreign money and transfer it back

  • Would buy 100k worth of the good good.

  • Give da money 2 da poor

  • Oh MatPat, you and your coke addiction.

  • Is everyone else waiting for Mr.Beast to comment on this video.

  • Did you know that Mr. Beast is from North Carolina?

  • What if you buy something worth $100,000 and then return it after the 1 hour and get the money back I didn’t watch the video so if this is what it says sorry but just saying

  • Or you can spend the money on things that make you happy or a good charity that you already knew and trust.

  • Just a guess. Few hundred thousand pounds of weed.

  • 13:34 any northern Irish or even Irish folk watching you know what this is

  • I'm from North Carolina

  • Im also from north carolona to

  • Hey matpat , I’m from North Carolina

  • lmao just buy bitcoin

  • You can win $1000 on my channel if you are the first to solve the riddle released today

  • The only reason I like brexit: article 13 might not exist for us 😍

  • I’d personally just buy a gaming pc, go to a store and buy a bunch of gift cards for Nintendo e-shop or for steam And maybe buy all the homestuck albums, I’m not sure if I’d even want to use it all :/ I’d feel bad xD I might’ve used it on a boat or cosplay Oh wait it’s about 1000000kr .. that’s a lot o jeez

  • I’d spend it on manga. Hehe

  • If I got the money I would go to Hobby Lobby😅

  • I’m from North Carolina...................................... like actually

  • just but something that costs an even anount like an iphone X 1000$ X 100 = buy online or something

  • So no Silver or Gold as prime investments?

  • I wold by drugs


  • i would spend $10000 just outright on what i want then invest the rest

  • I was going to say hedge fund