How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut

Avaldati 9 apr 2019
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How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut
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  • Nah the women in the blue blazor was honest

  • I loved this! Please do it again!

  • 3:42 what the f I guess that’s his fetish

  • TFW every chick thought the whitest of whites were hot

  • the girl wearing a blue blazer is pretty but her attitude is like a solid 1

  • 1:36 shit lookin like the opening of a porn scene

  • That's the thing. People feel bad about expressing their preferences, but forget to remember that's the main driving force of dating and sex. Don't want a dark guy? Cool. Muslim not your cup of tea? That's alright too. But don't be a jerk about it. Its 100% OK to have preference. It is 0% OK to be rude to someone. I feel like no one here was rude. Blue blazer could lighten up a bit, though ngl.

  • 5:55 nobody notices HER SKIRT CHANGED COLOR. lol it was like a magic trick

  • what the girl w the skirt and red lipstick @?

  • The lady in the blue is literally a skinny pale ginger and thinks she’s it

  • The blue blazer girl’s standards are hilarious. Lol who does she think she is? She’s a solid *0* for me with that disgusting attitude. Poor girl’s gonna be single for the rest of her life.

  • that girl in the blue blazer is an ass

  • I think they all could be 10s but I want to choose their haircuts and their clothes to suit their skin tones and makeup ect. And I want to choose their cologne or perfume because to me a person who usually isn’t attractive to me who smells good one day can make me 10 times more attracted to them. And I want there to be more expressiveness through their clothing to tell me their personalities with an artistic twist! ( sorry about my their, there, and they’re because I don’t get it please don’t explain lol)

  • Who is that person 4:37 and does anyone know their ig(not blazer girl)

  • 9:15 Ummmmmm honey you should switch with the dude in the back...... yea your just not *anybody’s cup of tea*

  • 2:56

  • *the lady in blue is a #0.1*

  • i need the black stud ig omg she gorgeous

  • Girl in the blue is a bitch

  • "how can i be a 10" "you cant" LMFAOOOOO OHH

  • These people must’ve been so self conscious after

  • SHOUT. OUT. TO THE GUY WHO GAVE CARTER A NINE!!!! Like everyone else be giving carter such low ratings and I’m over here like....”Carter is low key gorgeous tf”

  • I reckon it's about confidence. I have seen so many attractive people of all genders but i have also think personality and how you present yourself is a big part of it. Like you could be a "5" but if you own that fact and present yourself well then you skyrocket in my eyes to a "10".

  • I absolutely love Madison!!!! She’s so funny!!!

  • Blue blazer girl reminds me of that popular girl in high school that no one really likes or knows why she's popular in the first place. She got so carried away and long crossed the line of common decency. So rude, and if not for the other, more well-spoken participants, I would have clicked off of the video out of frustration.

  • Respect for that girl for being so honest. She told us the whole truth when she said she wanted to look like that girl with the black dress. And also when she shared that it’s a self reflection when thinking the big girl was unattractive.

  • 2:50 my nigga 😎

  • The black dude is so nice to everyone omg especially carter that was so cute

  • The one guy with the huge hair got dissed by everyone but he was so cute wtf

  • Bitch with the pant suit is a fucking bitch dude 😂 gtfo

  • Sociologically speaking, @cut is one of the most interesting experiments I’ve had the chance to see

  • Tiny white girl is H A R S H

  • The first girl is so pretty and had such a cool style!! But I'd feel so uncomfortable with people immediately feeling entitled to touch me and look me up and down lmao guess that's what they signed up for and she was asked

  • the blue blazer girl is a fucking asshole

  • i wanna smack that girl in the blue

  • The guy was so easy and comfortable for people to be around

  • wtf I thought Carter was super pretty too and her laugh!

  • 1. 9 2. 3 3. 1 4. 6 5. 8 6. 8 7. 5 8. 9 9. 4 10. 10 My Rating from the start of the video to the end. Myself is a 5.

  • Can we talk about how freaking hot the stud is? Anyone know her name cause I wanna piece of dat😍😍🤤

  • why blue blazer keep on snorting lmao shush piggy

  • hmmm the asian woman likes white men hmmm im very surprised at that hmm

    • Jose Rodriguez I didn’t hear the Asian girl say that. The only one I heard was the Hispanic looking girl in gray dress and top.

  • "You cute" I know

  • The blue blazer girl is lowkey racist, like she's trying to hide it kind of racist.

  • First Lady is Tina belcher

  • Imagine hearing a deep ass voice saying “Damn, Baby you got some nice ass feet”

  • 0:22 Shane Dawson?

  • Honestly everyone was beautiful in this video. EXCEPT little miss blazer. Trash.

  • "You like me dont you?" " cute-" "I know ;)"

  • what girl with the blue jacket she dates guys that are a 10 or 6 pack abs the girl i am talking about with the ass girl the girl at 6.57

  • I wanna hang with the dude in the white, he seems like a solid ass human being and I like his energy.

  • Lady in the blue is a 1 🤮😤

  • Wow the girl in the blue is like horrible she’s not even good herself.. she should of put her mean ass at the end of the line

  • Is everyone queer

  • Blue blazer is pretty immature

  • Y’all really didn’t bring the fat lady out there 🤣🤣🤣☠️

  • A gay black man waaah

  • Ok fr tho if I was the employer of that blue blazer chick and was just somehow watching this I would hit her up and fire her IMMEDIATELY like I stg this bitch really out here telling ppl their face looks weird..... SORRY NOT MY CUP OF TEA

  • Man that was some messed up shit! I saw nothing wrong with dude. No need for the “your face is weird” comment. I thought he came across as a stud! That girl trippin

  • For me: 10, 8, 6, 7, 8, 8, 7, 10, 9, 6

  • So we all gonna ignore the fact that the girl with skirt kinda fat shamed that nice girl smfh -_-

  • You can say people are attractive without feeling it in a sexual way

  • 6:07 twins. Lol

  • Your all judging the girl in the blue blazer, but no one is thinking about the what-ifs. If that was naturally her, then I agree; however, what if this is all scripted and she is just an actress that took the part of a cold hearted bitch. Now people are insulting her the way she only did as she was directed to. I'm not saying you should like her, but insulting her is just as bad tbh.

  • You can tell no one liked the woman in the blue blazer. When she ranked herself it was super awkward and she left in a hurry.

  • 5:03 would’ve gave her a 1

  • Blue blazer acting like she's a 10 when she's a solid 4 at best :/

  • The girl who’s judging is ugly af.

  • Take off all that inches of make up and stand in line i dare you... lol

  • The asian one is the cutest girl there

  • 4:39 😂😂 "whaa?!"

  • the girl in the purple triggers me... if u agree..

  • 2nd girl is super pale, but really thicc, and she has a nice face also

  • Y’all saying the girl in the blazer was rude no she wasn’t this whole thing is about rating ppl and he asked why so she answered

  • Blue blazer girl is a 4, until she talks, she's immediately a 1.

  • Earrings on a guy always look absurd. You can't be a rebel when 50 million people have done it before you...

  • "You cute-" "I know"

  • the white girl is so fucking annoying in every video holy shit

  • I could never bring myself to judge people like that. I just couldn’t. But if they’re cool with it, good for them for having enough confidence in themselves to let people judge them

  • LMAO SHES SO HONEST 😂😂😂 the girl with the attitude and blue blazer

  • WHO was that white guy oml

  • carter could get it tf these girls talking about💀

  • That one white chick 😂 no.

  • cringy af

  • he got Carter blushing and gigglin, god damn he’s charming :)

  • Anybody else notice how quick the lady’ with the blue blazer was ready to go...she knew that wasn’t right...but you can’t change people’s opinions and nasty attitude...

  • I am a raging bisexual so this would have worked because I would have given over half of them a ten. The only ones who would get less than 5 would be the Asian lady because she looks like my aunt and the tall black guy because he looks like my dad.

  • Bring back shorthaired ilahhhh. She still fine tho 10/10 would smash

  • That fucking lesbian is pissing me off. "Solid man 9" "On a lesbian scale" "Lesbian-wise" SHUT THE FUCK UP WE GET IT YOURE LESBIAN. Literally worse than a vegan.

  • Can someone tell me who the cute ass Asian girl at 6:30 is? I need her @

  • This video was a bunch of sad shit and big oofs

  • Lady in the blue blazer. I thought she was kinda racist. I mean telling an Asian man his face is weird is kinda insulting. I mean it would be to anyone. But how she only said it too him it seemed that it was about his race.

  • the model guy was really good looking. I love how the lesbian chose him even though she's not into men. I liked her a lot.

  • that blue blazer bitch deserves a fucking 0

  • Red lipstick chick and asian with blacktop are defintly the two hottest

  • 0:27 who is sheeeeee phmygoddddd

  • Omg that cute Asian girl would be in my top 3 for sure. Might have to give one to tall white boy...:/

  • Who’s the girl in the jean jacket?

  • 9:15 Ok shes kinda hilarious. rude but like relatable

  • Black dude was amazing The white chick has really high standards I guess. But she didn't come off as rude perse, just annoying because of her distant attitude disregarding people. Kinda like a robot in a sense?

  • The lesbian who was rating them was the hottest to me 10/10, girl rating them with the skirt and dark curly hair is second highest 9.5, 3rd was probably the tall white guy followed by the tall black guy. I actually didn't find the girl with the long black hair and black dress that attractive. Like she isn't unattractive, just not my type.