If You Can't Drink Fast Enough This Cup Tazes You

Avaldati 13 apr 2019
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Will be posting periodical updates on Dave's sanity level
Thanks so much to Max and Chad for letting me electrocute you
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90's flav - call me
Dragon Ball FighterZ OST - Hit Theme
Persona 3 ost - During the test


  • Michael looks like the coach from juwanna Mann!

  • Ever video you make my brain slowly dies

  • Crap I have a crush on you

  • yo Michael can you explain to us the porn on your computer at @2:24

  • Two letters one word! DJ Roomba

  • You should modify one of the calculators at your elementary school to say boobies whenever they hit =

  • Give my ever loving fucking soul a fucking ding ding you amazing piece of shit

  • i have spent a week thinking of something more annoying than "noise roomba", so im boutta ask, song name during the last section of the vid

  • Will dingdings be sold again?

  • Make Nipple clips that stimulate your nipples when a enemy crosses your crosshairs in game

  • Does anyone else wanna know what happened to his computer screen?

  • I now wish Thanos snapped his fingers twice at the same time


  • Make a chair that will taze you if you’re fat

  • Why does gofuckyourselfit'snotforsale.com keep multiplying in my browser?

  • he's like a smart leafyishere

  • Please make another channel for code and how the projects are made!!!!!!

  • But michael, we want to know how that works!

  • Build a shotgun that shoots fucking nails

  • Make something that hits you in real life if the Mii in Miisports/ boxing hits you in the game

  • dumbass wrote in python lol



  • Can I have a dingding? I’m too broke to realize I’m broke

  • "why do I spend so much time on these projects" You say this every video, maybe do the big sleep.

  • BRUH this video came out the day I left for a 10-day trip. no ding ding for me i guess

  • wheres my youtube buddy at😫

  • So like you know dance dance revolution on the kinect for xbox. What if you made a body tracking software and made a game of Simon says where the time to complete each tasks gets shorter and shorter and if you mess up or dont do the motion in time it shocks the living crap out of you on a bracelet. Just and idea.

  • Boots that crush your feet when you take fall damage in tf2 or some other shooter game

  • When you probably have the knowledge to work for nasa but you do this instead

    • This dude has a basic understanding of electronics and programming. His builds are cool but nothing close to NASA

  • Build me a gun that shoots burgers into my mouth

  • 2:24 hmm what was that on the bottom left on his laptop hmmmmmmmmmmmmhmmmmmmmmmmmm?!?!?!

  • Ding ding machinegun

  • I got an idea from this video..Can you make a wrist band that tazes you whenever you tries to sleep during your work..😅😅😅

  • Michael Reeves, the modern peter parker but has the brain of a retard. Just kidding love you man ( n o h o m o )

  • build a bass for davie504 that slaps him back

  • michael, I wanna know how it works!

  • Programming tutorials now dickhead

  • wtf did you do to your poor pc? 1:08

  • Ay, could you write a program that makes watcher submitted robot suggestion comments good?

  • Can you make a selfie stick that when you click it just shoots you with a gun

  • I bought 2 fucking ding dings


  • just bought my ding ding and i can’t wait for that shit to get here

  • yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • stupid

  • idea: horror movie + a heart rate monitor = the faster your heart beats, the louder the movie gets and the dimmer the lights get or with a microphone so you have to be completely silent otherwise [insert demoralizing punishment here]

  • Don't tasers stop your heart if you're drunk enough?

  • Bro make it so people can make closed captions for your shit I have nothing better to do and deaf people need to experience this too

  • FUCK YES!!!

  • build a sub bot

  • 7:59

  • Michael you should build a machine that gets a hole in one every time in Wii Golf

  • Make a machine that tazers you if you code wrong wile making a game

  • if u give me a ding ding I will I will fly to the moon and get u some moon popcorn

  • Micheal Reeves, the Rick Sanchez of EE-tv

  • What about a robot that will automatically skip you ads on EE-tv ? 😁

  • Remake the headhunter drone swarm and attach airsoft guns to them so they shoot u

  • Why is boss music playing??

  • Why is your laptop bleeding from the eyes

  • ee-tv.com/tv/video-WmOUDf8ufbQ.html (check this link out) :)

  • Why did he use Naruto music...

  • When you haven’t posted in a week

  • You should do something with flex tape or Flex glue something Flex

  • i paid 30$ for the destruction of Dave bc shipping is a bitch

  • Can i have a ding ding please and you make my laugh┌(┌^o^)┐

  • You should make a compressed air cannon that fires anything that fits it

  • Not dumb idea : Clothing that heats and cools depending on the temperatures you are exposed.

  • You should create a robot that destroys any alarm clock when it goes off

  • *Make a device that shocks your balls if you don't brush your teeth*

  • Expected the tazer to lit the alcohol on fire, dissapointed.

  • I went to buy a ding ding but the shipping to Australia costs just as much as the ding ding :'(

  • Please bring back C# tutorials.

  • Make a room a with a Diesel engine / more powerful motor with theswearing thing added so it just goes across your floor at Mach 3 swearing as it goes

  • Hey yo, dummy dumb. Yes you, remember when you said that you would make a separate channel for code yeah, do it bc you said you would!

  • i just realized something MICHAEL IS SUBBED TO PEWDIEPIE

  • Make a audio Animatronic terminator head.

  • So, i heard you read all the comments. PIN ME If bye the next vid senpai doesnt notice me imma eat my sisters liver

  • make a non explosive grenade launcher

  • I watch your videos religiously but u dont post often so i come back to this one and the tomatoe spikes

  • Please make a machine that shocks my dad when he smokes

  • Dave the ding ding salesman... That's got a nice ring to it

  • Todd Howard really changed huh

  • You should make a directed emp generator to break peoples airpods stealthily

  • You should stream you making things

  • 3:36......ya know some how I don’t believe that

  • Energy drinks linked to mental health issues... It's not like you drink them all the time right? lol www.cosmopolitan.com/uk/body/diet-nutrition/a13914836/scientific-link-energy-drinks-mental-health-issues/

  • I'd be so scared if michael had an infinite budget

  • I'm going to buy a Ding Ding toiy right now #ruindavesreputation

  • Make a ding ding launcher

  • Michael were the fuck is the robot uprising

  • Why cant you just link code on github

  • i bought one Ill keep it next to my Filthy Frank book

  • Michael bud pal amigo compadre bro friend my home slice my brother from another mother......... I'm sorry to say the cancer is terminal

  • You should make a TV that screams in pain when turned on

  • I’m coming to Hawaii what island are you on

  • 0:12 us Canadians just live in a state of cold with the occasional Timmies. But we are only a figment of your puny warm imaginations.

  • Yo you should make a robot that can score a soccer ball into a goal. That would be pretty cool!

  • Micheal shopee.co.th/giftstore.th/1807107698?smtt=0.0.9 is this rip-off Not 15$ btw

  • ding ding i wanna win a fucking ding ding