Keith Eats Everything At Burger King

Avaldati 4 märts 2019
Keith tastes everything on the Burger King menu, making him the true Burger King of Kings. Where should he #eatthemenu next?
*All leftovers were eaten across the next few days at lunch by the Try Guys' staff. The staff begged for alternatives, and they were given none until all the beef was gone.*
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  • Can we just talk about how Keith ate those burritos tho

  • That sourdough king is EVERYTHING!

  • That is so racist they made Chinese people eat what they left. What are they to you garbage

  • When is Keith gonna eat the menu at Wendy’s though?

  • His wife and Garrett have the same smile!

  • Did he even get to try the Texas double whopper? :o

  • What you guys (americans) view as a biscuit baffles me (english)... A BISCUIT IS A BAKED GOOD! Or what you guys would call a "cookie"...

  • Eugene: nuu

  • That guy needs to shave his beard off.

  • 14:17 I'm pretty sure that's just mayo

  • Um the lettuce among other thing taste weird at burger king and taco bell bc they buy the cheapest veggies and when you go cheap you get the worst quality I used to work at taco bell and when the stuff would come there would be spots of mold. And they would just tell me to pick it out. Same with the Cheese and tomato when you were cutting it up they would just tell you to cute the moldy bits off. That my friends is why....

  • Thers nö such Thing as to much meat

  • Love the episode. Disturbed how you are that burrito...

  • Keith: I'm just taking a nap... Also Keith, 2 minutes later: YEAAAAAHH, MINI CINIS

  • Meanwhile in Venezuela

  • wendys

  • imagine matt stonie doing this except he actually ate EVERYTHING

  • does the bk lettuce taste weird? BURGER KING FOOT LETTUCE p.s you forgot bk foot lettuce


  • Yo how do you get someone to pay for all that food and can I have their number.

  • Rip there hot dogs

  • It made me so mad when he bit the sandwich sideways

  • The way he bites into the burrito pains me.

  • 10:47 *Number 15, Burger King foot lettuse, the Last thing you'd want in your Burger King Burger is somebodys foot fungus.*

  • Try Jollibeeeeeee!

  • At 12:17 Did yall notice that the chicken strip looked like a laser pointer lmao

  • i hate Burger King.

  • 7:30 the funniest thing I’ve seen

  • Great much Overall i prefer Mcdonald's over BK bur i do have a soft spot for the Whopper.

  • "Just use your buns, your buns are great"

  • pls do chick fil a

  • Fresh Burger King fries are pretty good

  • burger king has a veggie burger? what the crap?

  • wait, he gotta do Wendy’s next ;)

  • In Australia, burger king is called hungry jacks. If you aussies don't know why then are you really an aussie??

  • 12:45 Blow their dicks apart!!🤣🤣🤣

  • Lmao someone ejaculated on his chicken.

  • Berger king foot leddes

  • 12:01

  • suddenly my stomach hurts

  • being vegan doesn't make you healthy

  • He didn’t eat the burritos right

  • You left out foot lettuce

  • Nah fam Wendy better

  • At the end of the episode, you should take one bite from every food and drink item and put it in a blender, and have the other try guys guess how many calories is in every dish combined. Whoever gets the closest without going over wins and whoever gets the farthest from the number has to eat the blended food monster

  • Keith’s face when he said he’s the “ Burger King “ will haunt my dreams

  • The “Keith eats everything at” videos get more depressing the long they go😂

  • I always get so happy when I see Miles ♡♡♡

  • The double quarter pounders are 🔥


  • Try Checkers! I don't know if they have them out there, but Checkers has the best fries hands down


  • 4:33 who tf eats a burrito like that... Keith you're banned from eating burritos now

  • He forgot the Oreo milkshake, that’s my favorite thing to get at BK besides the whopper and onions rings.

  • I now a qoute I orderd the whole menu of ..........

  • Do a Starbucks one next

  • Did anyone "run the numbers" ?!? How much calories did you ingest in that one sitting ? And for a bonus points : Would a MD punch you for it ?

  • Crispy chicken sandwich is the best sandwich hands down

  • That Lolipop intro makes the gayest thing in the world look not gay.

  • 3 words can start a war in this comment section. "Fuck Burger King" Change my mind bitches

  • Do whataburger

  • 10:21 I thought that said raccoon instead of bacon for a second 💀

  • Jack in the box

  • Eugene is like how dare you choose me for salads

  • Can Keith eat everything At Carl’s Jr.?

  • Eat at Wendy’s!

  • Do Bojangles!

  • I love it when you show us the clip of ordering food

  • Eat everything from chipotle, cookout, and chick-Fil-a!!

  • Oh yes im so concerned someone didnt get poisoned eating that garbage... Read Vonderplanitz if you want to live.

  • Eat everything at Popeyes next!

  • Crispy chicken is the best fast food burger of all time

  • 7:45 a new car.... The BugaKeith. Get cuz the Bugatti and BugaKeith????

  • Who bites a burrito like that!!!?????

  • I like any burger, 'cause burger's be the best food.

  • Keith’s wife acts like she doesn’t love him

  • Both of the Burger Kings by me burnt down the same day.

  • But doesn’t the whopper cost 7 for 2 so wouldn’t that be cheaper then buying all jr. for the equal price?(may vary in different state maybe)

  • Who actually like Burger King tho

  • Dude I’m worried about you you don’t need to keep doing this to yourself

  • You should've gotten surge as your drink

  • Why do I remember the fries being delicious as a kid, but now it's like eating sawdust, just not as healthy?

  • Keith : Let's move on to some chicken! Keith 2 seconds later : Let's start with the fish!

  • How tf do you eat a fucking burrito 😂😂😂

  • Feminists : Burger King? Why can’t it be Burger Queen? HUH!?

  • 1:32 looks like snagged themselves Ed/Kel from the movie Good Burger xD

  • Matt Stonie Jr was born today. But he doesn’t finish his food.

  • hes wearing the blah blah blah joke joke joke commentary shirt, yassss

  • Yeah, obviously NOT a better deal... Just a lot more bread that nobody wants.

  • That tiny bit from the buzz feed vid is gonna get this vid claimed

  • How do u eat a burito

  • Best fucking job...

  • BK needs to remain that biscuit to the "fully loading fuck me up biscuit breakfast" LOL

  • Where TF is the 4CHEESEWHOPPER at?

  • 4:30 but why?!

  • When I was in uni, rodeo burgers were $1 I would buy 5 and just sit there all at once and eat them. Probably why I gained 10 kgs that year. No regret!

  • Your a fucking GEEK!!! OMG who cares what you think bitch!!!!!! A bunch of fucking kook bitches lol

  • I'm watching this channel first in my life. And the guy who wearing red jacket,i think he is a porn star. He is better to see on red tube not on youtube😂😂

  • Just had to go and diss burger king like that...

  • Wow turns out if you leave fast food out for a long time it tastes bad, who knew