Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

Avaldati 14 märts 2019
Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.
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  • Abi artık sıkıldım yaa

  • Did Thanos snap half of Hawkeye’s hair off?

  • Should be the Top Grossing Film of the Century. Better than Avatar. Whatever It takes...


  • I won't blink my eyes from the beginning of the movie until the end of the movie WHATEVER IT TAKES!!!

  • #34 on trending really!!!!!!

  • The suits look stunning 😭 cant wait

  • How many of us will stop watching mcu movies after avengers endgame ?

  • Really Romanoff? You really think glock 19 would do a thing to the gauntlet? I don’t even think it could effect the zucchini

  • Thor got his eye back so that he can see thanos properly.

  • Marwel is died :(

  • DC be happy . because most of us will stop watching mcu movies after endgame.

  • Romanoff: *Practicing to kill thanos with gun* Thanos: *Am i a joke to you?*

  • First time i saw I think this video is fanmade

  • i dont want any other captain other than captain america in mcu. not even that useless captain marvel

  • i watch this trailer again and again whatever the mb it takes whatever the mb it takes

  • Whatever it takes

  • Marvel's trailer's also has post credit seen !!!...😂😂

  • *_R.I.P BOX OFFICE_* 🤑 *_R.I.P AVTAR RECORD_* 🤑🤑 *_R.I.P THANOS_* 🤕 *Like If You Agree* 👍 👇

  • Just a trailer can make this trending , how about full movie tho .

  • Some people endure the hype BUT NOT US NOT US

  • I got goosebumps when the music started playing

  • Captain America = Sheild Iron Man = Armour Thor = Stormbreaker Hulk = Anger Hawkeye = Bow and Arrow Spider Man = Spidey Sense Ant Man = Suit Doctor Strange = Magic Black Widow = Guns Captain Marvel = just Showed Up Thanos = Gauntlet

  • Almost forgot to watch today

  • Does anyone else notice all of the black and white scenes, the only color to stand out is red?!?!?!?!? 🤔🤔

  • Come on robert downey jr lets see u in 5 more movies for stan

  • Who keeps replaying the end just to hear the music one last time.

  • 2:14 isnt that the moljonir or whatever his first hammer was called

    • Nope, that's still Stormbreaker, they just focus on the part that is half hammer.

  • I think thanos will be busy playing PUBG and avengers will come from behind and hit thanos with pan and Finally.... WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER

  • 1:42 cap has his shield back

  • Some people will take a toilet break during this movie But not us NOT US

  • The only reason they didn’t win was because they weren’t together Tony and Steve wasn’t

  • Marvel: *Putting Okoye at the poster* Wong: *Am i a joke to you*

  • If thor remade his old hammer then that could either mean that beta ray bill or jane foster will join the mcu fully

  • No diversity

  • *I like this one*

  • I'm not crying ur crying

  • Bekar

  • Thans where

  • 1:18 What is Scott Lang doing with his hand? It seems like he's rolling something over.

  • *The epic music that we've all been waiting for: **1:58**.*

  • Why romanoff was doing target she goin to kill thanos with a gun? If it is true......R.I.P captain marvel and thor

  • I like this one *ANOTHER* !!!

  • Some people watch this trailer once... But not us...😎

  • whatever it takes i will watch avengers endgame only in theatres not in some pirated cd or online

  • Omfg I'm so hyped for this movie!

  • Ugh. I can't wait!

  • Diğer ülkelere göre Türkiyede 2 gün önce daha erken çıkacakmış.😎

  • Some people pee before the movie end Some do... *But Not Us* *Not Us*

  • Whatever it takes...

  • I’ll get early tickets for Endgame Whatever It Takes...

  • Shazam bouta get 6 mil in the box office while endgame bouta get 2 billion

  • Some people heard it correctly... Bananas... Not us...

  • Why some people dislike this

  • still waiting

  • *To do list during the movie:* -1.will not use the bathroom- -2.sleep- -3.get refreshments or beverages-

  • Wait......... How did Iron Man Get back to Earth?

  • If hulk goes world breaker hulk who will calm him down when it's over 🤔

  • The ant-man can easily beat Thanos, by just going inside his ear to the head and then just get big again. Easy no sweat :)

  • so ironman is dead?

  • We do not trade lives

  • You know why captain Marvel didn't move ? Coz thor doesn't go for head 😂

  • no more trailers NO MORE, this is too much too handle my patience

  • Killing Thanos it's not possible! No, it's necessary.

  • Why they add cartoon in this movie???


  • Cant wait to see captain marvel and thor fighting side by side...

  • Yaas Clint yaas

  • Yorumlara bakıp bir şey anlamayanlar

  • *Internet Explorer: Ya'll, Infinity War looks lit*

  • I love me🤣 i musn't die please!!!!

  • *Who here has watch this trailer more than one time? Hit Like below*

  • 2nd trailer please

  • If you think I am gonna be in a cinema’s chair for 3 hours just for a movie, let me tell you that you are right

  • No hype in this trailer. Infinity war was Just perfect both trailer and movie. Pretty sure this movie won't be much interesting.

  • #3 on trending

  • Okay so this probably has nothing to do with anything but did anyone else notice that Black Widow’s hair keeps changing colour throughout this trailer?

  • Before 2:10 good... after that, very bad!

  • Is it Ghost from Ant-Man and the Wasp narrating?

  • FUNNIEST PART OF TRAILOR (BLACK WIDOW practicing with gun ) 😂😂😂

  • Thor hamer's so kewl!

  • Can not wait it 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • We are back !

  • is that captain marvel????

  • How come far from home trailer was released before the end game......🙄

  • I watched this like 49 times already in 720p

  • Who else is excited for 'end game'

  • What's with the Canadian AF outfits.

  • Stan lee made heroes but he was the real one anyone see captain marvel were they dedicate the mar vel opening to all his cameos his one in end game will be emotional and awesome

  • Some people move on from the endgame trailer not being #1 on trending anymore *BUT NOT US*

  • I will not go to my exams to watch this movie... whatever it takes

  • Hawkeye is afk and now is online

  • hey u lot my recent video which i made will 110% make you laugh. YT josh gach

  • trash

  • I just couldn't wait to watch this movie

  • Thor😍

  • This film still feels so surreal that I can’t believe that there’s gonna come a point when all the waiting is over and I’m actually gonna be sitting down to watch it

  • How lucky doctor strange.. He seen end game while we watching infinity war 😁

  • I love the matching white uniforms and War Machine's juggernaut looking suit