My DREAM Setup using AMD?? - LMG Lounge Update

Avaldati 13 apr 2019
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Yep, you read that right... we're running AMD SYSTEMS in our employee lounge. But the only thing that really matters is: how do they stack up against our previous testbench in gaming?
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    • Hopefully your Corsair Platinum cooler aren't from the batch that leak

    • They don't want to build 11 more systems they could've just made a beast computer with modern xeons overclocked and then split

    • Hey @ Linus Tech Tips , im thinking since the crazy stuff such as i9 9900k and RTX Titan are out there now. Is there a chance you guys want to do a "the most expensive gaming setup in 2019" vid ? just curious. much love.

    • I love to work for Linus. super cool job!!!!!

    • Question for you guys where can I get a CPU tray?

  • How did you guys get the logo on the chair?!

  • You should start a esports team!

  • I wish i could afford one. God bless LTT more blessing on your way.

  • "Linus Drops all 11 Ryzen cpu's.""

  • When you have too much money to throw around

  • mos grande more like linus backpack

  • 3:09 did I just hear Linus pair 2700x’s with 2666mhz ram? Linus?!?!

  • I want to be Linus.

  • Just built my first PC with a Corsair 280x case. Z390m MOBO, i5 9600K, 1660ti, 16GB RAM...I'm in love with it.

  • 0:43 CEO or cat? You decide.

  • Just a friendly electrician chiming in. but for 12 computers you’ll need at minimum 2 separate branch circuits. With 6 computer setups each circuit. Pretty sure 12 computers on a single circuit will trip a 20 amp breaker 😂

  • Ryzen CPU with 2666 speed RAM? Seems like a mistake.

  • Can I come over

  • All for free.....

  • If I just had half of one of these systems... Cries in not-even-1080p...

  • Wasn't Free sync from AMD then they made it open source? If yes why Nvidia is never doing this? (In the past "Nvidia" Hairworks)

  • Damn....i dont even have a pc...and he has sponsor send him 10 of each item..and casually walks over them

  • Hey Linux , i suddenly hate you so much :D i want 1 pc please and 1 chair and everything that goes with the pc . Thank you for contacting me.

  • I simply hate high profile keyboards.... WHAT? I CANT HEAR YOU FROM ALL THAT TYPING!?

  • Why do u put question marks after AMD Intel is actully losing now and in 2019 AMD is already taken over so why u guys have something against Ryzen and amd ?

  • 6:19 Pls don't Ninja Chop graphics cards linus! -.-'

  • Corsair, Logitech, Nvidia (and more): giving 10's of thousands $$ in hardware Linus: thank to our sponsors: freshbook Hardware copanies: **suprised pikachu meme**

  • How much did it all cost ?

  • My heart almost stopped when he stepped on those gpus

  • I love romer g switches they feel so gud.

  • that ram choice made me sad.

  • should give me on of those

  • Ryzen + Optane? Does it work? :)

  • How much would this cost for 1 PC

  • Linus is a beta Male 😂

  • someone calculate the cost of this plz.

  • Why do they even need the Yeti Nano Mics? Unless they are all streaming. 😂

  • what ram speed do you have in intel buid, and why 2666 on amd ?

    • AMD tends to have compatiblity issues with High Speed Memory. I'm sure 2666 was just a sure thing.

  • If only Linus new with the commander pro u can change the fan direction so u could have all the fans facing out and looking badass while having equal fan pressure

  • wow pass me one of those pc please

  • Linus: PLEASE BE CAREFUL Everyone: no you whos butt clinched when linus climbed on a pile of very expensive tech?

  • I don't know why I clicked this video. I really despise these people. I remember why I hate them now however. Blatant abuse of money and privilege, for the sake of showing off to people that sheepishly worship them. I wish there was a "block channel" feature on EE-tv.

  • Please tell me this will double as a render farm when not in use right?

  • sooooo... linus when do i start my internship xD

  • I guess a few benefits to consider going AMD: 1) You've said they'll be "stream ready", and AMD will give you better results when streaming. 2) Both next gen consoles are likely to have AMD CPUs (Sony confirmed Zen 2, MS almost certainly too), so developers are going to be focused on AMD and, in general, AMD should have better support on PC too as a result. 3) A lot more PC gamers going AMD in the last few years too (because of budgets and streaming benefits), so AMD support has been improving already.

  • Maybe someone wrote it already (don't want to scroll a milion comments) you can use AMD StoreMi with the boot drive or a 2.5" SSD instead of Optane. Optane would be sweet but for that u need X470 and a second M.2 :) You would know that if you would build more AMD systems Linus :P Kind Regards from Poland :)

  • Next we build the LTT smart apartments for the employees to live in.

  • Cool they’re just giving out better pcs then I’ve ever seen like they’re brochures

  • Dont cry like a picousti :D

  • first

  • *He just ran up that pile of boxes*

  • "Lemme hold this..."

  • This is dope since im getting a Ryzen 2700 and was going to get a ASUS TUF Mobo

  • LMG: Hey can you send us a bunch of stuff for our gaming lounge? Tech companies: Yea sure linus! Linus: *Climbs all over it like a playground* Companies: *Suprised Pikachu*

  • hello Linus I'm a big fan and i hope you see this I'm am a kid in Canada Ontario I don't have a gaming pc and I was wondering if you could build a pc for me and ship it over my mom says I will get one in 3 years and I'm 11 and only have a Chromebook so can you plz help me

  • When’s next ROG rig reboot

  • asus boards are very meh. should have gone with the asrock b450m steel nlegend or the msi b450m mortar/mortar titanium

  • Wow. Linus Finally Went AMD

  • I like amd PC's

  • Initially, I took a dim view of your gaming setup when I heard that you were using Ryzen, but then I spotted the £1000+ worth of RGB, and... Everything is fine. Everyone knows that RGB adds instructions to the clock, so it is win, win. on a side note, I need to start my own business, so that I can create an uber LAN gaming setup like this.

  • imagine robbing LMG lmao

  • Canadian version of Node

  • Use AMD StoreMI for faster boots

  • 3ms response time? :/ woooooow

  • Linus cs go is pushing over the limits of the monitor so it shouldn't matter.

  • The hugest flex of 2019... And the 21st century

  • Linus don't go up the boxes.they might drop u this time

  • I felt really poor watching this video

  • Never give a tray of CPUs to Linus to hold

  • This is a stupid project. I know my opinion doesn't matter and you've probably already done it in like.. march or sth but man. Nobody's gonna use this. Those PC are gonna collect dust.

  • Damn those Corsair LL fans look so good

  • when linus said that there will be a 1000 watt pus for a 2070 and ryzen processor I be like "OOF"

  • Wtf did linus do to those amd cpus😂 did they run them with 1866 ddr4 or what happened there😂

  • clickbait

  • And here's me the person that can't even afford a 600 dollar system. :-(

  • If the front glass of that 280x was removable I would be all over it.....

  • Linus: steps over a stack of rtx 2070s Me: amazed by Intel HD graphics

  • Hi pls help me iam a great fun of ur channel Linus pls help me I live in Kenya in Africa I wanna become a PC gamer but money is a big problem I wasn't able to purchase even gtx 750ti cause we are so poor I have an old computer I swear in the me of God its a true story any body help pls🥺🥺its not a joke believe me pls help me with bucks PayPal account I have been watching PC gaming on EE-tv for years but never played one coz no PC pls help

  • "...we're gonna be using RGB H100 platinum water coolers from Corsair..." My guy, the H60 that I've got is _more_ than enough to keep my Ryzen 7 2700X cool.

  • rich ni ghggger

  • 12:03 You have to do like this *jerks marker off* Otherwise you won't get the white out

  • You forget to set the XMP Linus? Although 2666... Ryzen would probably be happier with 3200, I hear it's pretty sensitive to RAM speed. Not saying it would beat the Intel, but maybe less distance.

  • I am planning on using AMD in my first PC build in 20 years. Although I might be going thread ripper

    • I will be doing my own build video to add to my channel, but for now, rendering will just take me 2 hours. For most of my work... I’m a total noob to editing, but not such a noob to getting my hands dirty

    • +The Weekend That's a good idea yes, currently i am using my Ryzen 2700x i bought last summer for gaming and video editing, and will be buying THE best Zen 2+(or Zen 3 ?) processor when it comes out so by the time i FINALLY get optic fiber i will be able to render long ass streams quickly, it will cost me about half a year of savings xD. Good luck.

    • kiloneie video editing and gaming and because I can afford it. I’ll be waiting for zen 2 to come out. But as the price changes I might just got for the new AMD 3000 series

    • What in the world will you be using a Threadripper for ? Check the cheapest mobo for a threadripper and the cheapest Zen+ Threadripper and consider that very carefully. Also Zen 2 is around the corner, few months tops probably.

  • Hey hardware: Don't drop linus

  • Ugly AF pc

  • What with the Linux guides lately, I think half of these should be Linux gaming rigs. Get some more media pressure on gaming companies to go cross-platform.

  • "Three times the power we actually need" -Flashbacks from the Petabyte project.-

  • bro u should have a gaming team


  • 2666 for Ryzen...

  • How much cash do you guys have to burn.

  • Yeah I have 50,000 dollars worth of tech

  • Damnit Linus, you mention it being Intel sided but what you really meant is cpu intensive. The cpu with the higher IPC wins, just because Intel has been the king of single core performance doesn't mean it's and "Intel" engine lol.

  • >Linus telling someone else to be careful

  • I want a gaming pc but couldn't afford one.

  • Can you run optane off a PCI adapter for m.2? If so I might investigate adding it to my machine. Didn't think it worked on AMD chips yet natively.

  • "I'm not a kid anymore" Says the man baby

  • fuck intel

  • the lightprofile on ur h100i, can i have my 150i look like that?

  • Warnet

  • 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666

  • Well you won't be playing arma on a lan then

  • 3:14 - How can they use Optane on Ryzen?

  • I must said I freaking love that sweater hope is on sale I will 100% buy it