Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 10

Avaldati 11 apr 2019
This is a huge achievement on our Lamborghini Huracan Rebuild! Although we may have failed on a few minor things we managed to keep going and to move along with the process. Follow along and watch as we get this wrecked car back onto the streets!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • Your knowledge is did you learn? Self taught? I’m trying to catch up on old videos 😉 I’m addicted to watching you guys! ☺️😋

  • You need keep I you both can I have one

  • You guys are crushing it Keep it up

  • What's a wrecked Lamborghini with a salvage title worth? My guess, is not a lot; but the parts and insurance are still expensive.

  • keep up the good work, greatings from a carnut in Sweden! ... "Legit" let's go ahead and....."

  • I will start a new drinking game bound to get you real drunk. Everytime the boys say ‘let’s go ahead and ...’ you take a sip.

  • Remove the engine and put it to the rally car

  • That paint isn't even close, there is no way those are the same paint codes. The really white looks like Bianco Monocerus, while that grey tinted one looks like maybe Bianco Icarus. Two different paint colors.

  • After watching your TIG Weld beginners Start. . this guy talks a new whole level about aluminum . but another video i remember seeing is ... amps is what matters for aluminum .. lower 1-6amps and 6-up steel/iron/stainless. but i could be wrong. tried living the matrix . why i sorta remember this shit.... like Neo's line. I know Kung fu!! :)

  • What song are you using at 9:07 ??? @goonzquad

  • Repair and prime any body panels that are salvageable then sell then on !

  • Take it to an outdoor gun range n light that sucker up FPS Russia style!

  • Excellent video, as usual! Bought me some merch, so now I'm representing! May God continue to bless and protect the Goonzquad!

  • Wow you almost fully rebuilt it and it only took a month

  • Rebuild it pleaseee

  • You make a very complicated job look so easy...Hats off to you fellas...

  • Repair it so you can have two Lamborghini

  • Take out all the good parts and blow that thang up 🔥

  • These guys are the anti-Tavarish.

  • Song @ 4:12??

  • Rebuild the burnt lambo

  • Paint the whole car a Pearl White... That's my opinion

  • Yes keep parts car till done then part it out to get some $$$ back.

  • New drinking game: take a shot every time he says "It's legit"

  • Take all the good parts and try to resell to the exotic recycle and make some more profits.

  • Whats in the glove department 😀

  • For starters, you need gloves your heat has a lot to do with. Aluminum is very difficult depending on if it's thick or thin.

  • Welding!!!! Gentlemen please wear proper clothing PLEASE BE SAFE....great job guys

  • Willmotivation said you guys be putting in work...Truth👍🏾

  • You guys are making some awesome videos! Keep up the excellent work! Your pet dog and cat make the videos even more fun. One word to the wise...keep anti freeze away from the furry friends. It's formulated with a sweet flavor and many parents and pet owners have lost loved ones when they ingest antifreeze. There is a movement to get the formulation changed to not entice pets nor children, but for now it's on us to be cautious. I am eager to see the Hurican running. Cheers!

  • Rip the car aparts and sold it as spare parts.

  • Αll the above! Keep your parts, test the engine, sell everything you dont need/want AND MAKE A LAMBO DRIFT CAR STEP BY STEP

  • What is the blue frame car behind you?

  • Are you sure you replaced the blinker fluid yet? It's pretty important imo.

  • Part it out

  • Anyone know the music that plays at the start of the video? The jazz one

  • Use the FireLambo engine for a new project!!!

  • You should rebuild a 1972 Plymouth Cuda

  • HI !! Please read this. Can you be so kind and support this chanel to get started? You cant be rich if you donate at least your daily pocket money for boys who have vision and passion for cars just lika goonzquad. I dont ask for money ! I ask for support for new chanel where youtube is rare and need new era. DONATE !! EE-tv chanel: Goonzquad MK

  • Billy: Let us know what you think we should do with this Me: rebuild 😂

  • legitttt!!imate!!

  • You should keep the car because it might come handy if something happens in the future..(let’s hope nothing happens)

  • See if the engine is good fix it sale it then part everything else out

  • Started a Nissan Skyline build thanks to you guys! It's almost done now!

  • clicked to see "Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 1-10" ended up watching guys talking

  • Guys use 100% argon not the mix gas and the welds come out better.. you need to adjust the balance control also known as the cleaning action on the machine.. too high or too low and you will either blow up your tungsten or not get the halo effect you need when you weld.. watch some videos on ac welding aluminum and you will find it easy once you get the settings right!!

  • Clean that cable from acids that´s created from the fire before you use it.

  • Love the spirit you got guys!!! Keep it up! But please, IF you decide to keep trying aluminiumwelding, see to it that you have real proper overpressureventilation to your helmet. It is nothing to play with the fumes from aluminiumwelding. 4 REAL!!! I would hate to see you guys get struck by the shit you can get from that nasty piece of s...welding! Be aware, pls! Love your vids!

  • Goon squad are you going to put a fire extinguisher in the lambo. You said they catch on fire easy so I was thinking of your safety for you guys

  • Sell the parts car try to part it out

  • Take the engine out

  • You guys are on trending 🙌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 so proud of you guys

  • Recondition and put it up on sale. Cover your budget for next project.

  • Take out the engine and check it👍🏾👍🏾

  • Lamborghini kit car

  • Alienator masturbator


  • i see that he filmed an episodes with this lamborghini. and of course will gain money from views

  • Panel gap up front is atrocious.

  • "That is LEGIT DUDE!!!!"

  • His videos are kind of getting boring to be honest

  • Big 5

  • If you think they should sell the good parts from the parts car like

  • Take the motor out

  • Build an old mk2 golf with the engine 😂 doubt it would fit but


    • Are you trying to make money off of them idiot.

  • *Lamborghini huracan t-shirt*

  • I need my next video fix

  • 2:02 me after school when I was in kindergarten showing my mom the project I made

  • fix the car

  • Bro when are you going to load the next video. Am desperately waiting for it....Can't wait to watch the new one. Also when are you starting to work on the kit car?

  • 95 dollar shirt for lambo parts. You get a 10 cent bracelett

  • Keep the engine, the best option

  • I would like to start by saying that I really like how your Lamborghini Huracan build is coming along … terrific work from you guys! One minor nitpick, though: Aluminum, while prevalent in the US, isn't the official pronunciation of this metal - as preferred by the scientific community - it's Aluminium! Yeah, I know, „Nucular, it's pronounced nucular!“ jokes coming my way ;-)

  • Can't wait for that new video to drop soon!

  • Take the burned lambo apart and make a video of it i think thats cool

  • Keep the burnt lambo

  • Sack the juggler 😄

  • just rebuild and the burned Huracan guys!!!

  • Yay you finally got 1M subs!! Congrats bro!!

  • Hey guys love the vlog, just keep an eye on the NoCopyrigtVlog site, have used them and getting copyrighted left right and centre by some music I used from it,, pays to pay for it through a better place.. keep up it up guys love it.. thanks

  • You cop something, not copy

  • Take the motor out of the parts car

  • When next video?!!

  • Rebuilding My Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan - The Costs. See if you want to find out how much the parts cost

  • rebuilt then you got 2 huracan, one for track one for on the road

  • i wish you biuld lx 5.0 mustang .. best luck to you gays...from ksa

  • Has anyone noticed that all the a Lamborghini vids has over 1 million views

  • Repair the part car, then u have 2 Lamborghini :) XD

  • Can you rebuild a Tesla Model X

  • So, its never about the money....but with the combined cost between both of the Huracan's couldn't you have just bought one that wasn't salvaged? I'm genuinely curious. Still, outstanding job! The experience and knowledge that you guys are gaining from this project will no doubt benefit ya'll in the future.

  • how much did the lambo costed? both

  • Lambos trillion dollar suspension and maybe motor for the kit car??

  • So have you posted the cost to insure you driving that thing down the road?

  • Make a Lamborghini kit car

  • take the motor out

  • Seems to be a lot of people criticizing, how many people can ever say that they took a chance on something or a risk? You don’t start off at anything as a pro so good job to these guys for being ambitious and doing something with themselves. Better than learning trick plays on fornite or something mind numbing like that. Good job goonzquad!! Keep up the good work.

  • if you want a great idea but the engine and trans in a dune buggy and sell it we in the middle east love those things with an ls what if it was a Lambo engine and well build

  • I woulda totally planted a fat stack of $100 bills in that glove box before "opening it up", for EE-tv fame.

  • Boys use candle wax on your grinder blades when you cut aluminium, cuts through 3 times faster and like butter, same with the linisher disc when cleaning it up 👌