Repaint! Irene Oxide Steampunk OOAK Monster High Doll

Avaldati 17 juuni 2018
How'd I do on the pun name this time? Meet Irene Oxide, the Korean Steampunk fusion doll! Make sure to check out my collaboration partner's videos for more steampunky goodness! They made some incredible dolls. :D
Anastazia Custom:
Doll Mill:
Doll Motion:
Dolls Brand-New Look:
Moonlight Jewel:
Wig Tutorial:
Mentioned in Video:
Raquel Clemente:
Poppen Atelier:
Water Colored Pencils - Faber Castell
Pastels - Mungyo Hand rolled Soft Pastels
Mr.Super Clear UV Flat (wear a mask and spray in a ventilated area!)
Acrylic Paints - Liquitex
Airbrush and Vallejo 'Game Air' paints
DuraClear Matte Varnish (2/3 watered down)
Liquitex High Gloss Varnish
Tim Holtz 'Idea-Ology' mini-fasteners
Music (both free and purchased) from:
Dylan the Druid:


  • The "skywalker" Hair was rlly prettyyy ;3

  • OMG you should've put some mint green on the mask because that's what happens to copper after A while

  • Favorite k-pop group?

  • Is it weird that I ship ty and irene

  • is that a seaweed tin you used??

  • Instead of Irene you should have named her carmon, it’s like carbon but not

  • 와...진짜 금손...👍👍👍

  • i have wached all of your vids agen

  • Can you make Tinker Bell

  • shes my favorite at all

  • I NOW KNOW WHERE U MIGHT LIVE (never say hobby lobby in ur video!)


  • Who was that in the back round

  • I WANT IT SOOO BAD💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • I love your vids you have a bit of comedy, you talk to your viewers a lot which I love, and you show us step by step on what to do

  • this doll is cute :3

  • |0 _ | |0 -

  • You should make a doll that has different colored eyes, and maybe part the hair different colors! This would be pretty cute for a lolita!!

  • Next time you use aluminum or something like that, please wear gloves! I was worried that you'd cut yourself!

  • *that one artist that puts too much blush on joints* I WILL NEVER BE SATISTFIED, SATISFIED, SATISFIED!

  • Cool

  • sjdnkjndosimdo well now i want a steampunk cat girl vocaloid ://

  • the mask is soooo cute!!!!

  • I’m sick and this makes me happy

  • 오...한복 스팀펑크 신기하네요:)

  • Hi there! I am designing a video game for Play Station. I would really appreciate it if I could use your bunny mask as a helmet in the game. I don't need the physical mask. I can just watch the video! Thank you!

  • You need to do one thats strawberry or dirty blond i need a BLONDE

  • Pocari sweat is really yum lol and please can you do a zodiac doll series that could we cool

  • The eyes remind me of the movie 9 yes that’s the tittle

  • Who else loves her face up

  • Omg u are awesome for recycling cans and keeping the earth clean

  • Aren't u Japanese??

  • You should’ve added brown to her face and body because if she was working then it would make sense Btw no hate I love ur videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗

  • Not to be rude, but I’m new around here and couldn’t help but notice that you write characters instead of letters, Where are you from?

  • If she is korean... Why does she have double-lid???

  • Personally, idk about yall, but I'd use Robecca Stream for this customization, she's like the meaning of steampunk

  • I think you should’ve use the Series circuit because it would make it look a lot older

  • Your married ?

  • 2:26 That's creppy

  • 안녕!

  • U should make a Mario girl or boy doll!!

  • 19:55 TINKERBELL!!!!!!!!!

  • this is so cute aaaahhhhhhhh

  • You should wear glasses and gloves when dealing with super glue because: 1. Most likely will go in your eye, my aunts friend when she was little, she was playing super glue and it popped into her eye and she became blind. 2. Wearing gloves will prevent it from meeting with your skin....possibly toxic

  • Irene Oxide- Iodine Oxide- Iodine and Oxygen

  • I expected her to just go to a convenience store and buy a can of drink... Oh well!

  • I would love to see you make that vocaloid doll

  • so satisfyingggg makes me sleeepeu

  • Some things I really don't like about her dolls and then when its finished, I'm like never mind, this is beautiful

  • 6:58 who saw the cat

  • POCARI ... sorry I’m a furry 😂

  • I guess you could say that it gets your korea-tivity going

  • she has the same hair colour as me

  • Ugh, I need stop motions with all her dolls...

  • Use peanut butter to get the glue off :3

  • I love steampunk dolls there so...elegant and beautiful because they look a few years old

  • They say not to sew over pins cause you break them with the needle and mostly break the needle too. I know from experience...

  • Ive tried to make these but they end up looking like a generic version ;-;

  • I made your cat girl art and as I was watching this I saw the vulpix hair color and used it I think she turned out great I named her mitten

  • I was done with her a while ago and she is still my favorite other than glacion

  • for the neckline issue, try cutting the edge you stitch on in a more rounded shape instead of a straight line of fabric, itll lay down better PS: i just used super glue for the first time aswell and shit i HATE that stuff! it gets on all my fingers somehow! and the feeling is SO cringy!

  • My middle name is Irene

  • the bunny mask looks like something from Invader Zim

  • Can u make the most beautiful doll ever dollightful please and can I buy it😇

  • Dollightfull can I get one of your dolls like that sprinkles because I'm not a boy I'm a girl

  • ( I know I'm late ) If you used the series circuit and let only one light work , it would look even more aged and I guess what you went for with most of the doll but it's fine ..

  • I think it would look great with the faux leather on the correct side. I kind of think of steam punk designs with leather anyway.

  • Hi,can you come to bandung and to my housein gang melong 2 and come your doll proses your doll to my house plesea?and i want unicorn

  • 8:44 I personally loved the strawberry blonde!! It was so beautiful!

  • Her laugh reminds me of muriel from courage the cowardly dog

  • She is so cute. She kind of makes me think if Robecca Steam had a little (Asian) sister.

  • Omg. I LOOOOVED this one so much

  • I couldn't stop thinking of Jk during the bunny part...

  • *I* *NEED* *MORE* *STEAMPUNK!!!!!!!!!*

  • I love your dolls

  • Do yin yang dolls

  • Am I the only one that got REALLY REALLY anxious when she started making the mask? These cans are so sharp its just scary.

  • Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Demi Lovato at 9:17?

  • Your husband is a lucky one

  • Why does this doll’s face remind me of Miranda Cosgrove 😂

    • omg I was thinking the same thing!! It really does look like her lmao

  • How dare u call Princess Mononoke ANASTASIA!?!?

  • You should make an android or robot. You don't have to do it since its just an idea

  • I love Her eyes they are so pretty 💕

  • I always feel like shes a younger sister to Ty. Like their parents wanted another child but couldn't.

  • Yay recycling!

  • i thought the goggles were too long but ever judge a book by its cover. until the cover is finished.

  • 3:37 It looks like a robot But in the end looks great 😄

  • ❤❤❤

  • Was she inspired by D.Va from Overwatch since she has a hanbok that's almost identical, and D.Va's theme is also bunny (:


  • ❤❤❤❤❤😍

  • 6:54 the cat is just chillin' in the background like "i'm gonna be famous someday if i just sit here!" LOL, (YOU'RE MADLY SKILLED! I CAN'T EVEN DRAW A CIRCLE WITHOUT MESSING UP!!!)

  • Kat: HONEYYYY Kat's husband: WHAAAAT? Kat: WHERE'S MY ACETONE??? Kat's husband: whaaat? Kat *swinging her arms*: WHERE. IS. MY. A-CE-TONE???

    • +Catnip Meredyth you must be new here, but that's ok! Kat is short for her real name, Katherine!

    • Rainbowmangleartist who’s Kat?

  • I know this is kinda random but do u have a kid

  • You can get glue off by putting your hands n soapy water for about 1 to 2 minuets. Then put some pure acetone on your fingers and scrub.then put some lotion on your hands to keep them from becoming. Dry

  • Dollightful: “why is it so fun to make things shiny?” Me: “because it’s satisfying and WHO DOESN’T LOVE SHINY THINGS! THEY’RE SO PRRREEEETTTTYYY!😍

  • Dollightful could you please do a zodiac sign doll (plz Capricorn that is mine)


  • What country does she live in? (I’m a new fan)

  • I wonder if she's a k-pop fan