Throwing Cheese At People

Avaldati 11 märts 2019
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Dog Catch:
Jaw Breaker:
Snow Blower:
Cute Dog:
Fire Blanket:
Funny Dog:
Laser Plane:
Sign Language:
Far Away by Declan DP
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  • The sign langauage the woman was making in the video was right in some parts, but she was completley wrong in other parts. Inside Edition made a video all about this woman. She has gotten in trouble for this a few times before

    • I was just to restart the video when a replay started Genious

    • I think it's hilarious and miss great tv lol better than having mass shooter parties hahahaaaa shitt

    • Hey look thats my long lost twin brother!

    • So that wasnt the first time she had done that!? Shit is so wild lmao

    • I've seen your channel commenting on videos before! Hi!!

  • Why even have Kidbehindacamera in this video? The only reason I disliked.

  • Like if they should have a pancake challenge

  • 0:05 that's a pig sound!

  • She is now learning swedish with this guy:

  • R.I.P angry grandpa

  • Someone get rid of that fat fuck oxygen theif

  • I came here to watch a compilation of throwing cheese at people. Dislike. plz make title relevant to content.

  • 0:16 He protec He attack But most importantly he get His ball back

  • When I go to sleep anywhere like in the wilderness or my home, I want that blanket

  • Sub to kostes puget

  • Rip angry grandpa

  • 0:03 cheese attacks pickleboy

  • AC-130 GET DOWN

  • Pickle boy

  • I read the title as throwing Chinese at people oml kill me

  • 0:37 well she said (EXACT TRANLATION) area time evening about (cant read the fingerspelling too blury but it looks alright) work person meet officer. looks alright to me

  • Lazers+Fireworks+Plane Isn't that the trio of what's not supposed to go together.

  • 2:36

  • Is the first clip h3h3? That was a joke btw dont get so butthurt.

  • The lasers on the airplane was really cool!

  • 2:35 bootiful

  • That jawbreaker look thicc

  • 0:25 good boy

  • 0:07 looks like something you can find on tic tok

  • Eye am the eye of all seeing things. Well, not anymore because im getting my eye blowtorched. 2:13

  • 2:43 Thats probably what batmans cape is made of

  • Is this leafy? It sound like Leafyishere

  • 1:20 *Lit over 9000*

  • 0:18 that dogs reaction time is amazing

  • When i first saw the dog catching the ball i said :dang that dog has 100% accuracy

  • 0:26 R.I.P Doggo

  • Yes, yes it it is.

  • 2:11 Your eyes when you stare at the sun too long

  • yo at 0:15 you can hear pewdiepie !!! subscribe to him !

  • What I do when I have too much smegma built up

  • That dog could be a body guard


  • woof

  • Should've thrown a fucking vegetable at him

  • 0:20 dog should be a gold glove shortstop

  • Yay! @KidBehindaCamera

  • car: help me i'm on fire! firemen: lemme tuck you in buddy

  • That dogs reaction time tough 00:20

  • everyone: don't point lasers at planes! australia: *screams and puts lasers on planes*

  • I like my daily dose of internet

  • We're australians... we have (mostly) *all* the airshows...

  • That Kinda Scary,Not Gonna Lie.

  • I can image the deaf people being like "the fuck is this bitch doing"

  • The plane looked like a spaceship having a rave

  • **cue Young Man comments here**


  • That second dog is an awesome catcher

  • *Me on a Sunday night*

  • Wheb will pickleboy comment here? lol

  • 1:40 mom: “hey kids! Want to clear the snow off the drive way?” Kids: “yea!”

  • I have a question... Why is this in my reccomended?

  • Y at the end the people sliding down the rail look so fun and satisfying

  • I don’t know where to love or hate this guy’s voice, it’s very peculiar

  • Looked like the plane was crashing down for a sec

  • Mmm

  • 1:10 to 1:16 what was she saying

  • Grenfell tower needed a big one

  • lol

  • I wonder who wakes up and thinks Im gonna blow torch a jaw breaker today.

  • Imagine looking outside your window to see an aircraft shooting explosive projectiles and giving off lasers........

  • 2:21 *Ed Edd n Eddy fans go crazy*

  • I just realized you don’t post daily

  • 1:14 Plane: Crowd: I’m blind

  • does anyone know what breed the dog was in the second video!!

  • The "Nope Blanket"


  • That's kidbehind a camera

  • Sign language take out a sign with words easy or a piece of paper easy as pie

  • RIP angry granpa

  • 3:06 i hope they have the balls of steel

  • 1:30 *i wonder how many people got blinded during this*

  • Guys I have overdosed in MY DAILY DOSE OF I have stage 4 not being able to do homework....😢 * PLEASE DONT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY I KNOW SOME PEOPLE GET TRIGGERED FOR NO REASON ITS JUST A JOKE *


  • That bird seem to really like its reflection

  • Is this the best comment here

  • 0:05 My parent's reaction me being born

  • 2:20 if earth turned inside-out

  • There's something really gay about parkour

  • Had a cheese advertisement before this video😂

  • 1:16 now that's how you make a fake UFO

  • That remote snowblower costs 20 times more than a shovel,and you will need 20 times longer.

  • 0:20 the next Manuel neuer

  • anyone knows what she was saying?

  • That woman is my hero

  • 1:13 RIP people with epilepsy

  • you just got CRAFT PUNK'D

  • I finally found a worthy video to watch at 3 am

  • I’ve been here since 300 k and I can honestly say that your videos haven’t changed a bit, and I’m pretty sure there’s no other channel people can say that about. Keep up the good work

  • Proper way to get rid of cheese😂

  • Next video: *Throwing People At Cheese*

  • Wait... dogs a enter allowed to eat cheese, right?

  • Thassienoffivieo

  • R.I.P angry grandpa

  • I live in australia