What Happens When Windows 7 DIES?

Avaldati 11 märts 2019
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There's less than a year before Windows 7 security updates get cut off... What's an enthusiast to do!?
How to maximize your privacy on Windows 10:
How to delay Windows 10 updates:
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  • I will sadly miss my windows 7 OEM, but I just recently got 10.

  • Then my passion for Windows dies! I'm still using Windows 7 and I hate Windows 10, it's terrible!

  • Down with Intel, Down with Apple

  • I actually liked Windows 8/8.1. Especially if you get a program to give it a real start menu then it is nearly perfect.

  • I would say swap to Linux or Mac OSX if you are willing to put up with Apple hardware. I would love to see Linux become the predominant operating system so that developers would support it more.

  • Security updates ? meh, I've got Windows update turned off already for years anyway cause it's to much of a resource hog and a liability cause pushed updates have bricked systems or at least features/programs in the past. Windows 7 will stay on my system till well in the next decennium. At the very least till Microsoft releases a proper non spyware OS again.

  • Is it that hard to just upgrade??? stop living in the past guys...

  • I like Win 7 and have used Win 10 for a few years and have now switched to Linux Mint. Lack of video playback was my problem with Linux since I first messed with it in the late '90's. It now does everything I want, like playing Netflix, Prime and printing nicely. Bye Bye Windows, I've paid you thousands over the years but no more.

  • press f in chat for windows 7

  • Don't worry the apocalypse happens just before Win7pro security updates expire so were cool.😎

  • When i hear the word SPONSOR i just skipped 30 seconds of the video.Well it worked

  • madobe nanami (windows 7's japanese mascot) will die aswell and thats hecking sad

  • audio seems off, like it's from a vinyl player

  • Still using it today...Really, Right Now!

  • What about ReactOS?

  • I just buy a windows 10 oem (cd) and my key are dead (do not work need two more xx?) and cant get new one from store so I used my old key from windows 7 and booom it worked for me and I hope Microsoft do not ask me for more money (for using old key).

  • *Windows 7 is one of the best OSes they've ever made. Win 8 and Win 10 are fucking garbage.*

  • 9:26 You play Minecraft?? ;D

  • Microsoft extended security updates will get redistributed as roll-up packs that you will be able to install. Microsoft has never ever had a licensing system for updates, and I doubt they'll roll one out for Windows 7. You won't be able to update through WIndows update. I expect the experience of using WIndows 7 will be improved. Probably should NOT use Win7 laptops with wifi on an untrusted Wifi network, after that date. A win7 system with rollups applied manually (they are just MSIs bucko, nothing magic) will definitely be happening for lots of people. For example take people who work in audio and video production. Reinstalling windows often destroys your software activations. Some of their audio or video production software would be time consuming or impossible to re-activate without re-purchasing. The natural time to move to Windows 10 is to do so when you retire your Windows 7 hardware. Screw microsoft's arbitrary mainstream support dates. Who even cares. Also let's not forget how MIcrosoft went with Windows XP. They EOL'd mainstream fixes, but by changing one registry key you could trick Microsoft's update servers into delivering their "Windows for POS" updates for many years past end of life for Windows XP. What was Windows for POS? It was a licensed point of sale Windows XP edition that was meant to be shipped on point of sale kiosks that had hardware for a cash drawer and receipt printer built in, or attached via USB peripherals, and the monitor and keyboard were specialty (often touch screen) retail point of sale system hardware.

  • There is a version of Windows 10 that doesn't suck. Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC or LTSB. It is technically only available for volume license customers, but people always find a way. This is an edition of Windows with 0 feature updates that tend to crash your computer, 0 "Microsoft Recommended" games, and all the security updates and bug fixes you want for 10 years from the release date of the OS. It is basically the best of both worlds between Windows 10 and Windows 7. Of course Microsoft doesn't recommend using it on "general purpose" computers, but when was the last time you did something that Microsoft actually recommended?

  • Fuck Microsoft

  • *Windows 7 was great because the Windows Store didn't exist, now the Windows Store Exists and is absolutely useless and buggy* Example: *Tries to Start Forza Horizon 4* Forza Horizon 4: *Splash screen appears* , *Force closes* Also worth mentioning that at that point FH4 is 65GB of utter uselessness. Oh and guess what ! When you "delete it" it's not actually gone. It gets moved to the "Deleted" folder in WindowsApps -__- And because of Windows 10's amazing ability to not allow you to have access to all the files on your PC, you cannot delete the "windowsapps>deleted" folder. GREAT. Thanks for absolutely nothing Microsoft.

  • Welcome to Linux Tech Tips

  • Oh the Linux privacy hypocrites with Chrome browsers and Gmails

  • Just download a windows 7 ISO file and burn it to a USB now... we'll then have it forever

  • uhm linux gaming sucks balls deep it's maybe viable for giga-casuals but i've never seen anyone game on a linux in any competitive game - have you seen the mouse drivers? have you ever even tried using a mouse in-game on any linux system? yeah. it's super giga-bad.

  • Unfortunately, you cannot stay with the same version of an operating system. This goes without saying, as in other technology. Just par for the course. I have not even used Windows 7 in years. I use Windows 10 Pro. I do have a Chromebook for portability and travel, but have usually always upgraded to the most recent version of Windows for security reasons and staying current.

  • LOL I a'm using windows 10 from beginning and dont have any problems with that os. Stop complaining about nothing if you dont know how to use pc than don't use it at all

  • Well shit never thought id be using linux

  • Linus, please make a video explaining to viewers - it is possible to use Windows 7 within Linux, and therefore making it safe to continue using beyond the Microsoft cut off service date.

  • i upgraded to windows 7 from 10 earlier. EOL doesnt mean shit

  • I didn't want windows 10 on my computer, I HAD to have it installed. I recomend win 7, nd those who have it use it until it is cut off.

  • Man, my Windows Chicago was the best ever !!! win7 sp2 never update, just firewall.

  • I do still have W7 a install. Which is on a dual boot with Linux Mint. As the secondary.... F MShaft, I'm not using W10 unless I can't get it to work elsewhere. To that end, I have my W7 install in a Virtual Box on LM...

  • 5:10 man i can feel that 1, it is soo annoying

  • better I stick with android version and started build electric trike like t-rex does, rather than stay on stupid game this day not teaching the right way, just suck, I'am not game but more be like DIY in the next year and stop using pc, but more to smartphone XD

  • 0:02 2050?

  • He said 2050 not 2015 lol

  • 4:04 Wow, sorry about your cake bro. Really had no idea you felt so strongly about it.

  • fisher price looking is my go 2 insult for thee cartoon looking games like fork knife

  • Windows 7 is a very stable genius

  • All the reasons to abandon windows 7 were artificially created by microsoft. The only thing wrong with windows 7 is that microsoft refuses to give the newest security and features from win10 because it doesn't suit their "grand plan", whatever it is. Windows XP compared to Windows 7 is incompatible with most features, but microsoft can easily make win7 have all the good features of win10 if they wanted to.

  • My Abacus gets 150 fps playing Apex Legends. I will never upgrade !

  • Actually, windows 10 isn't that bad except for the update

  • Look how Linus is excited that Windows 7 is gonna retire!

  • Ha-ha-ha! Yes! As I expect - "Linux".

  • windows 7 and andriod 4.2 are perfectness.(the amount of notification add on andriod new os killed me ..)(oh boi windows 10, is like windows 8.1 tired to rape windows 7 and had and ugly baby)

  • Will still use windows 7.....jst hv to buy a anti virus boom xD

  • I still have windows 7 :) I went out of my way to avoid windows 10 buying it. It's too good

  • I Believe in Ubuntu 😏

  • Windows 10 is great. I was using 8.1 for awhile and its actually not bad either. It's like ripping off a bandaid, just do it. It only hurts for a second.

  • Microsoft is being a .i. with the unpredictable forced updates even though you pay them a lot of money. Block updates in registry to censor the .$.

  • whats with those boot times? my win 7 pro machine boots in 9 seconds (power button to password entry).

  • What's with the audio?

  • When Windows 7 ends support, I die.

  • Linus, what is your brother's name?

  • I Love Playing Crazy Games.

  • Windows 7 is still best for Gaming. Coz It's Optimized perfectly for gaming.

  • "When Windows 10 launched in 2050,..."

  • I honestly don't miss 7

  • Make Windows 7 Great Again

  • then linux it is.

  • I was happy with XP. Great video.

  • Windows 10 is really awesome. No idea why ppl hate it. The features and upgrades have been incredibly focused on feedback, example would be making over-network data transfer faster and easier than ever. Things have really never been easier on Windows 10.

  • Built the computer in 2011 and soon it and win7 will die together good memories... RIP you glorious bastard.

  • lol my whole school computers (60+ i think) uses windows 7 hahaha lol

    • Your schools IT guys will have a very bad and tedious day then :)

  • Dickhead.

  • Im sticking with Windows 7 until I am forced to get Windows 10 due to some program/game not released to Windows 7. I use Windows 10 pcs in university so I have given it a shot myself and just don't want that crap

  • TPB FTW!

  • Rather have Windows 7 and classic shell than Windows 10 and classic hell.

  • Not sure if I just haven't seen the issues yet but I just built my first PC with a Ryzen 7 1700 MSI Radeon Rx 460 Gigabyte B450M and 16Gb of Ripjaw RAM with a clean install of Windows 10 and I fucking love it! I have not seen any bloatware only have a 1TB hard drive with no SSD at least 10 AAA games and I have no issues love the interface and wicked speed! Before this I had an old P62120 HP desktop from 2011 running windows 7 and im loving Windows 10 so far! What am I missing that is so bad??

  • I can't update my laptop to windows 10 😶, literally my laptop refuses to upgrade

  • Linux saved my life.

  • // I don't give a spit about bling bling ram, I need performance first. There is beauty in performance. // To spite all of Windows 10's glory, it still can't recognize my coby 8GB MP3 player. ( even though it shows USB connected. ) One build and your stuff might work , The next build and your stuff may not work.

  • Yes Lambo, I did switch to 10 for DX12 yet there was deception. Rather than being able to use multiple video cards from different vendors to render games as I was told would happen, That did not happen. As it turns out you can't do that. They all still have to be of the same DX12 family for starters. I'm sure some brilliant phucktard out there has made it all work great, kudos to them. I thought DX12 was supposed to be a bad ass , Vulkan smashes it.

  • The answer is simple Windows 8

  • Um Lambo , it's already dead. Developers have moved on. It's not supported any longer. That's been the situation with every OS Microsoft have produced. With perhaps the exception of Windows 10 where developers can roll out a new OS as long as hardware keeps up. ( as I'm sure you're aware , it never will )

  • Windows 10 is so incompetent, why are there problems released in every single update? Glad i upgraded to windows 7. 7 has always been there for me, and I'll never give it up. If push comes to shove i might dual boot windows 10, but never relying on that piece of shit again.

  • ill switch to linux

  • Your voice is so high pitch and loud, that it woke my parents up in the other room despite the fact I had the volume pretty low. How the heck do you do that?

    • are you a caveman or something? use some fucking headphones like civilized people.

  • Didn't help having Gen 7 and up requires windows 8 or 10.


  • "Besides lacking the latest anti-virus protections..." .....wait ..... who the fuck doesn't use a 3rd party anti-virus program these days?1? These 3rd party companies aren't going to just stop anti-virus updates specifically for people running their program on a Windows 7 machine.

  • Shutup Linus, stop scaring people! Windows 7 with proper security SW will stay protected even after end of the official support, just make sure your antivirus/antimalware and firewall as well as web browsers are up to date!


  • Fml my Cnc bender still uses xp

  • Win 7 is still perfectly good for a home server/NAS that will not be online

    • +Count Zero that's probably true. However I actually use win 10 for my NAS because my NAS motherboard has USB-3 and windows 7 doesn't like that out of the box at all, and I didn't really want to be bothered with a solution

    • WinXP is great for a NAS too - and way faster with a smaller footprint than Win7

  • Unpopular opinion: I like Windows 10. Easier control(goes everywhere with Windows + x), faster speed overall, device driver automatic. Despite the little bit of bloatware, I usually disable everything during setup for info sharing. Never really had too much issues with it since it came out back then. IT support here.

  • Don't despair, install Win 10, then Spybot Anti-beacon, remove all the stupid Windows Store Apps that you already have better alternatives to with proper install processes, and the coup de grace: Install Classic Shell - it's no longer actively developed, but it still works fine. Check the options that make it so you won't get forced updates and it's nearly back to being a decent OS.

  • say it with me: SWITCH TO A MAC !

  • You can install GNU/Linux and forget about fucked security and forced updates forever.

  • I have a non-genuine copy of Windows 7 Pro. I never update it, I dont use any of the antiviruses from windows, so should I even worry about this? I have only gotten viruses in my computer twice, in my entire life. And I used a friends pc with w10 for a while, and it was fucking trash, no I DONT WaNT TO DOWNLOAD cARS and CandY CRuSH. I just want to look for a program in my computer not browse the internet, and I dont eVEN HaVE AN XBOX

    • The only reason I once considered moving to w10 was because I couldnt play Halo, but now THEY ADDED IT TO STEAM

  • Thanks Linus windows ten wouldn’t get my grandparents to switch to windows 10. Windows 7 was fun on my laptop I still use. Even thou I have the windows 10 disk .

  • Switching to linux get bent windows 10 data miner. Why would I give you all my passwords?!

  • migrate to windows 10 now... i rememeber everyone was sucking M$ tit when win10 was announced so there you go...


  • fuck this shit !!! bla bla bla Windows 7 is free forever with activator +update patch and much more available on the NET

  • I'll use Windows 7 until they do away with Windows 10's business practices...and if it gets really bad, I'll just go to Linux and use Vulcan API for my video cards. kthx

    • Windows ain't gonna get better - don't delay, switch today :)

  • I'm fine with Windows 7 until my current pc dies. Then it's on to Linux Mint, already using it on my laptop because Windows 7 is compatible with it. It works great, smooth and flawless. Zero bloatware. Zero ads trying to sell me apps. Zero tracking and harvesting my data.

  • Windows 98 SE. Slam it on an NVMe SSD (obviously MBR & CSM). Enjoy the 1s boot times. Throw in Opera 10, get an old ethernet card and PCI -> PCIe adapter. Be immune to viruses because of Windows 98, and enjoy the massive rush of nostalgia. You only get one core of your 9900k, but you’ve got a 5GHz processor running Windows 98. Life is good. At least, that probably should work.